Thursday, February 04, 2010

Evolution of Marriage? The Open Secret

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While Representative Jamie Pederson, Senator Ed Murray and their pro-homosexual colleagues in the Washington State Legislature are busily passing bills that make all parental law in Washington State gender neutral in compliance with the "everything but marriage" SB 5688 bill passed last session, those homosexuals in the five states that already allow homosexual "marriage" are sharing an open secret.

The New York Times published a surprising article the other day---surprising that the gay writer would write it, not surprising how gays are re-defining "marriage" and the culture.

The Times story titled, "Many Successful Gay Marriages Share An Open Secret," says that many homosexuals are omitting two words from their wedding vows: fidelity and monogamy.

I strongly recommend you read this article.

One couple told the Times, they take this arrangement as a "gift" in that they trust each other to have other relationships in their "open" marriage.

The Times article references a study that will be released next month that gives a rare glimpse inside homosexual relationships. The open secret is that monogamy is not a central feature in their so-called "marriages".

The study, according to The New York Times article, will show that fidelity and monogamy are not featured in these relationships. My take on what I read is that the emphasis is on openness. As long as your partner knows what you are doing, it's okay.

Washington State was sold a story of loving homosexual families, just like yours, who simply want to live and let live and want the security of family and long term normal committed relationships. I heard that in every hearing and every ad that led to the passage SB 5688 and the defeat of R-71, elevating homosexual relationships to the legal status of natural marriage.

Equality was the goal. And a majority bought it. Including some legislators who should have known better.

The Times says gays don't like to talk about this open aspect of their "marriages" because they are afraid it will undermine their agenda for national homosexual marriage. I certainly hope it will.

Perhaps the most stunning and revealing aspect of this is the fact that the upcoming study will suggest that this boundary challenging approach to marriage may be the evolution, "that might point the way to the survival of the institution."

With five states under their belt, so to speak, the homosexual community is now suggesting what marriage must do to survive.

When we wrote about the aspects of the "beyond gay marriage" document and their agenda that includes group and multiple marriages---and more, some people laughed and mocked us.

Look me in the eye and tell me homosexual marriage and natural marriage is the same.

Certainly there are failures in natural marriages. We see them played out in the news nearly every day and I can assure you they will be highlighted even more going forward. That isn't a reason to trash a model that has served the human race for more than 5,000 years and for Christians and people of other faiths as a spiritual model. Every major religion in history has condemned homosexual relationships. Now, as we continue to advance "equality" in marriage, they are stepping up to lead in the "evolution of marriage" that will allow it to survive.

We need to get real and ask God to forgive us for affirming this kind of twisted thinking in regard to the institution of marriage.

A quick look at history will show anyone that this is the cultural path to the historical dust bin of failed cultures.

God help us.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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