Monday, February 01, 2010

Tim Tebow: Abortion and the Super Bowl

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Tim Tebow, one of America's best college football players, has become the center of controversy simply because he is happy to be alive and is willing to say so out loud------during the Super Bowl next Sunday.

Focus on the Family has made an ad that will run twice during the Super Bowl that celebrates life and family. It is not anti-abortion---it is pro-life, pro family. It has created a firestorm of controversy.

Tim's mother, while pregnant with him, became very ill and her doctor advised her to have an abortion for the sake of her own health. She was also advised that the baby would likely not be viable.

Because of her deep Christian faith and pro-life belief, she told the doctor she could not have an abortion.

Today her son, Tim, is one of America's most outstanding athletes, winning the Heisman Trophy last year as college football's best player and an outspoken Christian who shares his faith openly and often.

CBS has approved the ad, now a firestorm has erupted, with opposition coming from the University of Florida campus, a group of pro-abortion womens groups and the homosexual community coming forward this weekend demanding that CBS run their ad, which has two men kissing.

More on Tebow, CBS, the womens abortion groups, and the homosexual dating service.

Tim Tebow's athletic career has been marked by two distinctives; greatness as an athlete and his habit of publicly sharing his faith in Jesus Christ.

If you watch football, especially on television with its close up shots, you have likely seen the little black areas under the players eyes. This is to reduce glare. Tebow has a habit of putting a scripture verse in white letters on his eye black. Last time I saw him play a few weeks ago, he had John 3:16 written on the black.

When the Super Bowl ad was announced earlier, there was an immediate outburst from pro-abortion groups, even though the ad is not anti-abortion---it is pro-life.

ABC quotes University of Florida political science professor Daniel Smith, "It's a big coming out party for Tim Tebow in terms of moving from athletic super star to the political realm."

How political is celebrating the fact that you have a life and that you love your family?

Apparently, very political.

Smith, who is also advisor to the campus "Gators for Choice" group says, "It is even more interesting that Focus on the Family was able to convince Tim Tebow to promote their organization and their issues."

Smith obviously does not understand that these are beliefs that are deeply held, some have given their lives for, not political positions. Principles, not politics. While we resist the advancement of these destructive forces in our culture through the political system, millions of us stand for principles---not the necessary politics. And the ad is not anti-abortion---it is pro-life.

Homosexual activist groups on campus have also come out against Tebow and "the ad".

Over 30 national pro-abortion womens groups have written to CBS, demanding the ad be pulled before next Sunday.

But perhaps the most amazing opposition is coming from homosexual activists, who this weekend demanded that CBS also run their ad. It's an ad promoting a homosexual dating service that features two men kissing.

CBS has refused the ad and homosexuals are now saying that it is discrimination. It is very difficult to make a credible connection between the "Tebow" ad and the "two men kissing" ad, but they are attempting it.

This will likely play out in the news this week.

We live in perilous times. The American culture is under assault in ways never before seen in our history.

Be aware. Be prayerful. Be active.

God bless you. Thank you for your support of this ministry.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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