Monday, March 15, 2010

The Government vs The People

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Friday afternoon I got an email from President Obama's "Organizing for America" with the banner message: "Make Sure The People's Voice Is Heard."

The people have spoken and are speaking. They don't want the President's health care bill. What part of the people's voice does he not understand? Or does he just want the folks to speak as a way of releasing their stress?

Today's Rasmussen survey shows 43% favor the Presidents plan, while 53% oppose it. Most, strongly oppose it. The President's approval today is a -16, with 26% strongly approving of his performance and 53% strongly disapproving.

The President told students at Arcadia University, "If you're a young adult, which many of you are, you'll be able to stay on your parent's insurance policy until you're 26 years old."

He is passing out lollipops because a recent PEW Research Poll shows that he is quickly losing support among young people, whom he enchanted during his campaign in 2008.

He is also losing clout among his peers. A Politico article this morning says, "Demand For Obama Wanes Among Moderate Democrats."

The article begins; "Moderate House Democrats facing potentially difficult re-election this fall have a message for President Barack Obama: Don't call us, we'll call you."

So why does the President and his people press on through the night, determined to pass a specific bill that such a large majority of people oppose? Continuing to make statements like, "Make sure the people's voice is heard."

Although support is partisan---resistance is not.

Perhaps there is one driving factor that continues to motivate him.

There can be little question that President Obama is very left leaning, some say socialist, in his beliefs. He has said he is "remaking" America. This health care bill is a leap into socialism.

The New York Times touched the heart of the answer, in an article yesterday afternoon titled "As Health Vote Awaits, Future Of A Presidency Waits Too."

The President's spokesperson has said he would rather be a good one-term president than a mediocre two-term president. But his spokespeople are also saying he wants to hear the peoples voices.

President Obama has made many promises that he simply has not kept. The bloom, as they say, is off the rose in that respect.

He has put so much of himself into this effort, that should he loose by failing to push this particular bill through, he would likely be unable to "remake" the economy and culture with climate legislation, the homosexual agenda and other priorities.

While there is a great deal of ego involved, for sure, I personally believe his ideology---his core socialistic beliefs trump all of that.

He refined his beliefs through his former relationships that concerned some, but not a majority of Americans, his 20-year membership in his former church and in the classroom, where ideas do not have immediate consequences.

This is his main event. And I believe he has a mission that far exceeds mere service.

It is generally believed that if he can't hear us now, he and his colleagues will hear us at election time.

For the sake of country and the generations who are to come, I pray this is so.

God bless you.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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