Monday, March 01, 2010

Perverted Tolerance

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The NCAA has pulled a Focus on the Family ad from their website and the Mayor of Beverly Hills is angry because another Miss California contestant in the Miss USA pageant believes in natural marriage---one man-one woman.

All this in the name of tolerance.

The NCAA (National College Athletic Association) has taken a Focus on the Family ad off their website after homosexuals complained.

The ad features a picture of a father holding his young son. The ad is titled, "Celebrate Life. Celebrate Family."

The caption under the picture says, "All I want for my son is for him to grow up knowing how to do the right thing."

Why is this so controversial that the NCAA would break an advertising agreement made with Focus which included the Tim Tebow ad at the Super Bowl and this ad on the NCAA website?

Is it distasteful or offensive to want the best for your son?

Homosexual activists said the ad had to go because Focus is controversial, because they are pro-life and support natural marriage---one-man, one woman.

Twisted logic. Perverted tolerance.

In another story from Associated Press the mayor of Beverly Hills is angry and is disowning a Miss USA contestant because she does not believe in homosexual marriage.

Lauren Ashley has spoken out against homosexual marriage in recent interviews. She told FOX news she believes same-sex marriage goes against God and the Bible.

Although the pageant rules allow for contestants to choose the area they represent, whether or not they live there, Beverly Hills mayor, Nancy Krasne, is angry saying Ashley doesn't live there and doesn't represent the city in any way, "Which," she says, "has a long history of tolerance and respect."

Tolerance? Respect?

I assure you her address would have never been an issue if she had held the proper beliefs.

Whether it is the NCAA or the city of Beverly Hills or a number of other public entities, there is an increasing trend to re-write or re-define biblical morality, while simultaneously seeking to silence those who believe in it.

It seems tolerance is a one way street and the distaste for biblical Christianity is driving it from the public square, public discourse, education and even the free expression of beliefs in the paid media.

Ironically, intolerance of Christianity and a Christian influenced culture is most often demanded in the name of tolerance.

Christianity must not be tolerated because of the need for greater tolerance. A Perverted Tolerance.

Be informed. Be inspired. Be active.

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Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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