Thursday, April 15, 2010

April 15: An Important Date; April 18: Equally Important; 2010: Crucial

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Today is an important day. It's tax day. April 15.

It is also a logical day for thousands, perhaps millions to express their outrage over the direction our country is moving and the corruption surrounding the way in which it is being moved.

As Tea Party participants rally across the nation today, sinister, self appointed agents following the teachings of Saul Alinisky "provocateers" as Michelle Malkin calls them, will be melding into the crowds pretending to be one of them, while carrying signs and shouting comments that do not represent them, all in an effort to discredit.

They will make false portrayals to a press corps more interested in search and destroy than an authentic news coverage assignment of a historic moment. But in the end, it won't work. Americans have been pushed too far and they see their country being dismantled before their eyes. Our President calls it the "Remaking of America".


April 18 is an Equally Important Date.

Newt Gingrich reminds us on April 18, 1775, Americans began what become an eight-year conflict against the most powerful empire in the world. This Sunday is the 235th anniversary of American militia firing "The Shot Heard Round The World" when they stood up to British professional soldiers at Concord and Lexington and drove them back to Boston. Ultimately winning our independence in a war many believed they could not win.

"Independence" affirmed they would not live under "taxation without representation" and they would remove themselves from the arrogant imperial judges of their time and they would express the Christian faith freely and openly.

We have not seen this level of outrage in recent history.


We must, however, turn these emotions toward productive and meaningful ends. That of restoring America. Restoring the influence of the godly principles upon which the country has thrived and become the "City on a Hill."

A number of organizations are involved in the restoration of a number of aspects of our nation and our culture.
Faith and Freedom is focused primarily on the social issues regarding marriage, family, education and life. In this spirit we are launching an effort called:

It is designed to Inform people in communities across the state of how their faith and that of their children is being assaulted and their freedoms eroded, and to Inspire them to resist the constant attack on their faith and their beliefs through activist legislation and indoctrination rather than education in the class room; ultimately inspiring them to become Involved and to involve others in the coming political revolution.

We must elect new leadership in Washington State.

We have already begun to organize volunteers who will help move this message through the communities of the state.

The development of several informational pamphlets and publications are now under development with the immediate focus on research, information gathering and design of a "Voter Information Guide" that will inform voters where every candidate stands on the important issues of marriage, family, education and life.

This particular piece will be designed as "educational" so it may be distributed in churches as well as civic clubs, neighborhoods and through out the community. Some churches are already requesting it. It will be available in print form and on the web site.

We are also developing other informative and inspirational material and a "What To Do To Make A Difference" help sheet for everyone who wants to see new elected leadership in their district and the state or wants to help retain their present elected leadership.

Your financial help is greatly needed in this.

We have a very great opportunity to see a number of positive changes in Washington State this year.

Most feel there is going to be a significant shift in the country and in many states of elected leadership following the November elections.

People of faith and conservatives cannot---must not, fail to help shape the coming shift.

Faith and Freedom has the vision, the plan and the motivation to help shape what is coming, but it can only happen as people of like mind and heart step up and help. Whatever you can do financially is needed at this time as we launch this all out effort to make a difference in the future.

Homosexual activists in the State Legislature are emboldened in their efforts to re engineer marriage and the family, public state education feels they have things going their way regarding the social indoctrination of our children and grandchildren particularly on the issues of abortion, homosexual lifestyle and personal sexuality.

I cannot overstate the importance of your financial help at this time. Whatever you are able to do is most helpful and deeply appreciated.

Thank you so much. God bless you.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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