Thursday, April 29, 2010

US Supreme Court hears R-71 case and rules on Mojave Cross

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The US Supreme Court heard the R-71 case yesterday. Associated Press is predicting the Justices are leaning toward releasing the names to the public.

However the Court is not expected to rule on the case until June or even late summer. We will keep you updated.

The Court did, however,
rule on the case concerning the cross in the Mojave Desert.

Over 75 years ago the Veterans of Foreign Wars erected the cross atop an outcropping in the Mojave National Preserve as a memorial and honor to those who died in service to our country. The land on which the cross stands has since become privately owned land, however atheist and secularist groups have continued to litigate trying to remove the cross from public view. Because of litigation, the cross was covered with plywood a few years ago, so no one could see it.

Yesterday, the Supreme Court ruled the placement of the cross is constitutional and the cross will be revealed to the public once again.

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