Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Yakima Co. Man Threatens to Kill Sen. Patty Murray

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Death threats toward elected officials are absolutely not acceptable and must not be tolerated.

US Senator Patty Murray has the right to vote as she feels she should on healthcare or any other legislation before the US Congress, without fear of physical harm. She was elected to do so.

The FBI and local police arrested Charles Alan Wilson yesterday at his home in Selah and have charged him with threatening to kill US Senator Patty Murray over her support of the National Health Care Reform Act.

Many oppose the healthcare legislation, including myself, however the only acceptable behavior is a political one. By voting.

The US Attorney's Office in Seattle said, "Free speech is the cornerstone of our democratic process, and we are a country of vigorous debate. However, threats of violence have no place in that debate. The threats here crossed the line, and violate the law."

Indeed. Well said.

We hope the Supreme Court will agree in a case they will hear later this month regarding the matter of sealing the names of those who signed R-71 petitions.

Homosexual activists have publicly threatened to harvest the names from public record and "contact" the people at their homes. Many were harassed and threatened during the name gathering campaign last summer.

John Bisceglia advocated online the destruction of government buildings and churches that did not support homosexual marriage and the killing of both Larry Stickney and myself.

The media generally ignored the matter, with the exception of KIRO TV.

While our case does not precisely duplicate this case to the letter, the spirit of threats and advocacy for killing is the same. The threats directed toward us contained many of the same phrases found on Senator Murray's voice mail.

We strongly condemn this kind of advocacy for violence. While we work to replace Senator Murray in the November election, our prayers are with her and her family at this time for their personal safety.

Gary Randall
President, Faith and Freedom Network and Foundation