Monday, June 21, 2010

Elena Kagan: Politics Trump Policy

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And did you hear? President Obama, in his
Father's Day Proclamation, praised two father families?


It is becoming apparent that President Obama's Supreme Court choice is a pragmatic person who values politics over policy.

This past Friday, tens of thousands of pages of her emails, sent during her years as an aid to President Clinton, were released.

During that period her propensity toward politics and pragmatism clearly trumped policy or core beliefs. An example was her warning then Vice President Al Gore not to endorse a religious freedom issue, even though she personally described herself as a big fan of it, because she feared it would create a "gay/lesbian firestorm."

She wrote, "We'll let you know when it's safe to go back into the water."

The emails under review show her role in managing scandals during the Clinton administration and reveal her pragmatic streak in dealing with complex issues like abortion, gun control and drug sentencing.

Senator Jeff Sessions, R-Alabama, said the documents he has seen have shown a "troubling pattern."

Sessions told
Associated Press, "Throughout her career, she has demonstrated a willingness to make legal decisions based not on law, but instead on her very liberal politics."

Not only did Kagan lead in removing the US military from Harvard campus, but has shown little respect for the law, giving preference to her personal beliefs and far left agenda.

Many in Congress feel this will guide her decisions, making it nearly impossible to be an impartial judge. Unfortunately, those who share those concerns are in the minority in Congress.

Indeed a "troubling pattern," has emerged from the record of her professional life. One that mirrors the record of her friend who nominated her.

We have an opportunity to change the make up of Congress and the state Legislature this year.

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