Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pres. Obama Working To "Remake" Kenya

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Vice President Joe Biden was in Kenya yesterday on behalf of his boss to encourage Kenyans to adopt a new constitution.

When introduced in Nairobi, Biden said, "Hello, my name is Joe Biden. I work for Barack Obama."

He told the crowd to, "Dare to reach for transformative change, the kind of change that might come around only once in a lifetime."

I think we've heard that line before.

Associated Press says Kenyans consider Barack Obama a native son.

Indeed they do. Some whom I know believe he was born there.

President Obama has promised to visit Kenya during his presidency.

Tiberius Barasa, a Kenyan government expert, is thrilled with Obama's involvement. He said, "The USA is being like a big brother."

Beware, Mr. Barasa, beware.

Why is President Obama doing this? And why is he spending up to $10 million to promote passage of a new constitution in Kenya?

Others are asking these questions as well.

Representative Chris Smith says Congress was originally told it would be about $2 million, but now it appears it will exceed $10 million.

Steven Ertelt, of LIFENEWS, says one of the reasons Obama is doing what he is doing is to promote and help pass a pro-abortion constitution.

"And that," says Rep. Smith, "is illegal."

Ertelt says, "Although the draft contains language advocating the right to life for unborn children, it contains a section with a health exception that essentially opens the nation to unlimited abortions throughout pregnancy for any reason."

This mirrors President Obama's "M.O." in America as well. He says he wants to reduce the number of abortions while creating policy that expands them. He says he doesn't believe in homosexual marriage, while he is busily setting the table for marriage to be redefined by abolishing DOMA.


Rep. Smith, the leading Republican on the House Africa and Global Health Subcommittee, and two other members of Congress have called for a probe into the Obama administration's spending in support of a campaign to get the pro-abortion constitution approved.

Lobbying for or against abortion is prohibited under a provision of federal law known as the Siljander Amendment annually included in the State, Foreign Operations Appropriations Act.

Obama told the Kenyans via KBC, "people are frustrated" about their problems and, "This is an opportunity to fix many things."

Oh, yes. We've heard that line before as well. We know this administration doesn't miss the opportunities of a crisis to advance their agenda.

And speaking of crises. Does the President think things are going so well for him here in this country that he can branch out and "remake" other countries now? Or is he developing other employment options---just in case?

In either case, we have elected a man to the highest office in the land who deeply believes in advancing the abortion agenda. Worldwide.

God help us.

Be Prayerful. Be Informed. Be Involved.

Thanks for helping us.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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