Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Joe Fuiten Responds to Sen. Stevens

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I received an email last night from "Danille" on behalf of Joe Fuiten.

Our regular blog will continue tomorrow.

We have linked Fuiten's response to Senator Sevens with some reluctance.

Our reluctance is not based on our support for a specific candidate, as was implied in previous comments. Faith and Freedom did not endorse a candidate in the Rossi, Didier, Akers primary, however, we will fully support Dino Rossi in the general election and will do all we can do to help him get elected.

Our reluctance is based on Fuiten's propensity toward and history of taking private matters between people in the faith community and making them a public dispute. Something on which the press thrives. Referendum 71 is a recent example.

Faith and Freedom does not want to be used as a facilitator for this pattern of behavior.

Click here to read Fuiten's Response.

I'm spending the day on the Kitsap Peninsula today and will not be responding to email until this evening.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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