Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Marriage - "The Battle Will Never Be Lost"

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Pastors across California and the country are assessing this week the impact of last week's ruling by a homosexual, radical, activist judge, which struck down Proposition 8 and the definition of marriage in California as between one man and one woman.

California pastors and the people who listen to them are both grieved and outraged. By now you have heard or read the columns, blogs and commentaries that note that the judge sees nothing sacred, nor significant about natural, traditional marriage or the vote of the people to preserve it.
However, it is the voice of
Pastor John Milhouse of Calvary Chapel Moreno Valley that I heard above the grief and anger and celebration and promises that spoke a word of joy to my heart personally. Milhouse, who was deeply involved in the Prop. 8 campaign, said "he was saddened and acknowledged that people are saddened and frustrated that judges are determining what laws should be accepted by the people."

He said, "God performed the first wedding [and] our country has been founded on principles laid out in scripture."

All true. But it was his following comment that warmed my heart and gave rise to my spirit:

"I don't think the battle will ever be lost..."

He continued by saying our response should always be to pray and do what we do in love, because we are not anti-people and we aren't anti-gays---but "we don't agree with their lifestyle."

After hearing a former Christian lobbyist in Olympia tell the Seattle press he feels the marriage battle is lost and reading comments by pastors and leaders defending the absence of their voice and influence from the cultural battle for marriage, family and the sanctity of life and endless lectures on the history of culture and our "Post Christian culture" and the mandate for the emerging church in such a culture, it is refreshing beyond measure to simply hear a pastor tell a national news outlet, "I don't think the battle will ever be lost..."

Thank you Pastor Milhouse for reminding us that their are eternal principles. Principles worth standing for in cultural victory and defeat. And those principles will not be banished from the human experience.

Be Faithful. Be Courageous. Be Victorious. Be Blessed.

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God bless you.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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