Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Time to Come Together

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All who wanted to vote in the Washington State primary has done so and for the most part, the die is cast as to will be on the November ballot.

State Supreme Court Justice Jim Johnson has 63% of the vote with 51% reported. He's safe. Justice Alexander is leading but not with the required 50% plus 1 as of this morning.

Dino Rossi and Patty Murray will be on the November ballot. I have
linked a map of how the counties voted for Rossi, Didier and Murray. At a glance you will see, as usual, there is a marked difference between the west side and the central-east side of the state.

There is much work to be done over the next two and a half months.

In the Legislative Districts there were, in many cases, more than one candidate that represented conservative, Christian values. There are some good people who will not be on the November ballot.

Now is our time to look forward. And we must do it together or come Thanksgiving time, the "righteous," as it is written, will be groaning. And our country and our communities will continue to slide toward moral and fiscal destruction.

Clint Didier has already begun to set a constructive tone. While he said he doesn't quit until the game is over, he told
The Seattle Times he will need to sit down with Rossi, before agreeing to endorse or campaign for him.

He said he wants to try, "to coach Dino up a bit on how to get my followers."

Dino, please meet with him sooner than later.

Over the past several years, I have become aware of some significant rifts within organizations that advocate for both homosexual "marriage" and the advancement of abortion, however, in nearly every case they keep their differences out of public view. And, with a complicit press that rarely if ever looks under their covers, they have succeeded in advancing their agenda and cause.

Often we in the conservative and Christian community seem to have a need to affirm ourselves by publicly attacking those whom we should support for our cause---whether we like them or not. And the press thrives on it.

This truly is a time when we must come together.

This morning
Rasmussen released a new survey that shows that 60% of voters say most in Congress don't care what they think and 56% say Government should stay out of the housing market.

Translated: "You are not representing us and we want to take our government back."

Keep in mind, this is the season when many career politicians spend time and money telling you what they think you need to hear, to further enable them in their career.

Be Discerning.

Candidates will be holding many public events and meetings over the next couple of months. Attend them. Respectively, but firmly, ask questions. If they change the subject, ask again. Your asking will inform you and could help form or influence some positions of the candidate. And will influence some in attendance.

Be Active.

And finally, be Prayerful.

Ben Franklin knew the importance of coming together. He told his colleagues if they didn't hang together, they would surely hang separately.

If you care about faith, family and the sanctity of life---and I know you do, this is a time of opportunity to change the character of government, one office at a time.

God help us.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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