Monday, August 02, 2010

"Watch the Kid or We're Gonna Kidnap Him"

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Homosexual activists are energized and on the march this summer.

After taking a few days to rest and reflect and pray, observe and discern the ebb and flow of the raging cultural battle for the soul of America, our communities and future generations, it is clear that this is the greatest American battle in recent history. And the assault on the unborn child and the relentless attack on natural marriage and family leads the battle. It is a spiritual battle.

Those seeking to "normalize" homosexual relations and redefine marriage are, in my opinion, not seeking equality so much as affirmation of a perverted, chosen lifestyle.

Rebellion toward the Creator.

Very soon we will be reporting on a couple of news items that we, and others, feel should be made public. Both involve elected officials. Please watch for these reports.

The national Organization for Marriage is in the process of holding about 23 rallies this summer in as many different cities, mostly in the east.

In every case they begin with local clergy or leadership leading in a prayer for those involved in homosexual relations, expressing, as we have done so often, that they do not hate the person, nor does God, but that they are resisting the redefinition of marriage and standing for natural marriage. The rallies are similar to the one Larry Stickney and I led at the Capitol last year. Many of you attended.

At each event, homosexual activists attempt to shout down the person giving the prayer and all others who try to speak on behalf of natural marriage.

The activists are also bullying and attempting to silence the pro-marriage people with intimidation and threats.

In Albany, New York, activists actually marched onto the platform in their attempt to shut down the rally while other homosexual activists followed an Hispanic mother and her children around behind the stage area where she was seeking privacy to nurse her baby . The mother is visibly shaken as you will see in the linked video.

In Providence, R.I., the activists were even more aggressive and threatening, targeting young children and their parents with threats and intimidation, telling one family, "You better watch that kid or we're gonna kidnap him."

I have linked the 1:55 minute video. Please take a moment and watch it.

Just as extreme and perverted acts characterize the "Gay Pride Parades," bullying, harassment and intimidation define the homosexual activists who seek to redefine marriage and family and normalize that which is not and affirm a lifestyle that is both immoral and destructive.

On a related note, President Obama has assisted the international Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission in gaining official status at the United Nations. Many nations oppose this on moral grounds.

Matt Barber, at Liberty Counsel says, "This once again just highlights the fact that President Obama is in the tank of the radical homosexual lobby."

Barber points out that our President worked to sidestep normal procedures to help the homosexuals gain status at the UN. He said, "[Obama] has thumbed his nose at all of the countries around the world that embrace sexual morality---and the President, in the name of the United States of America, has once again, embraced sexual immorality."

President Obama is calling his actions, "An important step forward for human rights."

The ancient book of Proverbs reminds us, "There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death." Proverbs 12:15 (NIV)

God help us.

Resist. Reclaim. Restore. Rejoice.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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