Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Gore School On Contaminated Soil

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Sometimes you just can't win.

Al Gore has blamed his failed attempt to become president as a contributing factor to his recent divorce. And the fiasco in Copenhagen this past year gave Gore's Green Movement a red face.

Now, next Monday, about 675 students will open the new Carson-Gore Academy of Environmental Sciences on polluted soil.

The soil under the new public school is contaminated by a dozen or so storage tanks. Ground water at 45 feet below the surface is also contaminated, but officials say there should be no risk to students or faculty.

John Sterritt, the school's chief safety officer told The
LA Times, "Everything's under control after the $4 million cleanup."

But more than a few are concerned that the pollution sources have not been adequately identified and dirty water under the ground will re-contaminate the soil.

And about the name.

Well, the first name, Carson, is in honor of the late author Rachel Carson, who is generally credited with helping to launch the modern environmental movement.

A committee member had previously suggested the school be named after folk singer and activist Pete Seeger. However, some board members objected due to Seeger's affiliation with the communist party.

"Carson-Gore" was unanimous.

But does Al Gore know about this? Is he okay with it?

Well, Gore is on vacation and can't be reached but school principal Kurt Lowry pointed out that no one obtained Barack Obama's permission when they named a middle school after him.

Gore will be invited to the official ribbon cutting ceremony in October.

The school's emphasis includes recycling projects, environmental research, beach cleanups and climate study.

I suspect the climate change curriculum will be based on the very research that vaporized into ashes at last years Copenhagen world climate change summit.

Not only will this become a neat little tax payer funded social experimental laboratory, producing the next far left global warming /climate change / green activists, but it will also be sustainable.

That's right. Principal Lowry says he envisions an organic garden that will produce a student led farmer's market.


Robin Suwol, who heads the locally based California Safe Schools coalition, says Lowry's vision sounds "incredibly wonderful," but would feel better, "if the vegetables were grown in planters above ground."

Many Americans would feel better if the cap and trade-green movement would also be grown in planters above ground rather than smoke filled backrooms so we as taxpayers could better defend ourselves against the next round of wealth redistribution and the further dismantling of our republic under the guise of "saving the planet."

America needs a new quarter-back.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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