Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Peacock Promotes Polygamy

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I rarely watch NBC or its Today Show, but it was on the other day as they introduced Kody Brown and his 4 "wives."

They have a new reality show on TLC called "Sister Wives."

During the 9-minute interview on NBC, the Brown family was given complete latitude to explain their "family" and the dynamics of 4 women sharing one "husband". Their own family values.

He explained his lifestyle was "faith based." "Part of a faith belief." "I followed through with it and this is kind of where it landed," he said.

The interview with Meredith Vieira seemed more like a promotional press conference than a regular interest story. She focused on issues like jealousy and how the wives share one man.

The Brown "family" portrayed themselves as victims in a harsh world that doesn't understand. "Living in a closed society such as ours," they said, "makes you feel kind of oppressed."

The group said, "they hope to create more transparency for those in our faith." To help others who are misunderstood.

Rather than raising questions regarding the fact that Brown is actually married to only one of the women legally or raising questions about the potential psychological impact of these relationships on the 13 children they have dragged into this environment, she said, "These days families include single parents, step parents, single moms, even two moms and two dads."

While some are normalizing polygamy on NBC and others are attempting to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act in Congress, you have to wonder if equality will reach to those who practice polyamory---which is "group marriage."

Not to worry. The media has that well in hand.

Media Research, from which I drew for this article, wondered the same thing and found through their research that the media is treating polyamory in much the same "normal" conversational way. Here's an example from 2 years ago in the Washington Post.

While the media carries the torch for those who wish to redefine marriage and family, angry homosexual activists met President Obama in New Mexico with the chant, "Hey Obama, can't you see, we demand equality."

The demands being made today for homosexual "marriage" will be the same demands that will and are being made for polygamy. If "marriage" is granted to homosexuals, how then can a legitimate argument be made against granting "marriage" to polygamists?


And how can we not grant "equality" to those who practice polyamory? They say their relationships are meaningful and they love each other. And will we discriminate against first cousins and even brothers and sisters who love each other and want to marry?

Our children are being educated in public school to not only accept these kinds of alternative relationships as "family" and "deserving of marriage" status, but social combinations that should be celebrated.

And those who do not do so are labeled as "bigots".

God help us.

Be Prayerful. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Blessed.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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