Friday, October 22, 2010

Facebook " Friends" GLAAD to Police FB website

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CNN reports the 500 million users of Facebook will now be officially policed by the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation to, "end hate speech and anti-gay bullying" on the Facebook Internet site.

In their
press release, GLAAD announces that Facebook has officially friended them and that "new measures have been put in place to respond more quickly to hateful comments and "troll" activity."

The word "troll" is Internet slang describing, "someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous or off-topic messages in an online community such as an online discussion forum, chatroom or blog with the primary intent of provoking other users into a desired emotional response."

The reference to "primary intent" is very troubling. That is "thought policing."

After my 4-hour deposition by Attorney General Rob McKenna's office in the matter of the Referendum 71 names, I am perhaps more sensitive to the probing of someones personal religious belief and attempting to equate those beliefs with inappropriate or even illegal expression. And the attempt to destroy the character of someone when their message is not acceptable.

The policing of thoughts is a direct and dangerous attack on freedom of speech and expression.

Let me be very clear.

Anyone who is a true follower of Jesus Christ, should not say or post hateful threats toward homosexuals or anyone else. Nor should they feel hate toward the individual. Rejecting the behavior is not hating the individual. Defending natural marriage is not "hating" those who demand homosexual marriage.

Let me equally clear.

Being accused of "hate speech" or "bigotry" because one does not embrace and celebrate homosexual behavior or homosexual marriage is not hate or bigotry. It is freedom of religious expression and free speech.

The homosexual community has successfully created a culture, thanks to political correctness and a complicit media industry and public education system, in which anyone who opposes their behavior for any reason or opposes their agenda to redefine marriage and family is "hateful", "bigoted" or possibly criminal. We are a half step from being seen as guilty for teaching or even believing biblical teaching on homosexuality.

GLAAD says, "Our community needs to continue to be vigilant and report instances of hateful comments and images across the site to Facebook moderators as well as post messages of support for gay, bi-sexual and transgender youth."

Some daunting questions:

*Will Facebook now expand its definition of "hate" speech to conform with GLAAD, GLSEN and other homosexual activist groups?

*Will Facebook now consider it "hate" to discuss the considerable health risks associated with homosexual behavior?

*Will Facebook consider it "hate" for Christians to discuss biblical teaching that relates to homosexual behavior? The Bible strongly condemns homosexual behavior.

*Will these new policing standards be applied toward comments and individuals who disagree with---"hate," Christians and their beliefs, or say, conservative talk show hosts who do not support the homosexual agenda and have a Facebook account?

*Will the new Facebook-GLAAD marriage be fair to those who disagree with their position?

This is significant because Facebook involves more than a half billion people.

I personally believe, this is a piece of a larger campaign.

It is not specifically about "protecting" homosexuals so much as it is about forcing Americans to accept and affirm their behavior.

CNN says Facebook's friending of GLADD "isn't just routine TOS policing" and that Facebook "intends to work closely with GLADD and other LGBT (gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender) organizations on future initiatives."

These are perilous times for those who believe and express biblical teaching on matters of morality, especially homosexual behavior.

Free speech and freedom of expression is in peril as well.

Be Prayerful. Be Vigilant. Be Active.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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