Friday, October 15, 2010

John Koster and the Seattle Times

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I have seen it before, but not with an apology.

The Seattle Times editorial board is so far left, they can't do the right thing---and this time it's with an apology.

The Times editorial board admits that, "In this of all years, change is needed in government in all levels."

"But," they say, "the board is sticking with the incumbent Democratic Rep. Rick Larson," over Republican John Koster in the 2nd Congressional District.

"Koster," they say, "is a distinguished, fiscally prudent and responsible public servant, no question," and has run a very good campaign.

They continue, "His [Koster] experience in local government, as a state lawmaker and as a dairy farmer would certainly be a benefit in Congress."

They point out that a Larsen TV ad attacking Koster is misleading and Larsen is using a game of semantics to mislead the public.

The Times editorial board is, "sharply skeptical of his [Larsen] view that thousands of small businesses, so called S corporations, will not be hurt by the expiration of Bush tax cuts." And they, "remain disappointed in his willingness to compromise on net neutrality."

So why won't they endorse
John Koster?

They can't bring themselves to endorse the better, and more honest candidate, because,
"The Arlington Republican's very conservative social views against a women's right to choose and gay rights and his skepticism that humans have any role in climate change, disqualify him."

"Disappointed," "skeptical," and "with reservations," the Times board endorses the lesser man.

Therein is the face of the far left in the culture of Washington State. The Seattle Times is living in their own Twilight Zone.

The message to their reported 1.8 million readers? "It doesn't matter how qualified a candidate may be, if the candidate fails the "social issues" litmus test on life, marriage and family---away with him."

The message to conservatives and so-call Republicans? Please stop saying that life, marriage and family values are not important in this election. They are apparently important to some. Do people of character fool the press into thinking they are something and someone other than who they are so they may be elected? Or do we simply run "moderates" who really stand for nothing, but meet the litmus test of the twilight zone?

Oh, yes. It was pointed out that Koster has not bought into the "inconvenient truth" that isn't.

For those who want a qualified candidate who also has character, this may be a very strong endorsement of John Koster over Rick Larsen and The Seattle Times.

Please forward this to all your cousins in the
2nd District.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.

Thanks for
your support. Have a great weekend.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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