Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Breaking Story: Deception Among WA State Homosexual Activists

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While homosexual activists maliciously and relentlessly attacked those who stood for natural marriage during the R-71 campaign and beyond, calling them bigoted, hateful and dishonest and launching every kind of personal attack, calling for the signers of the R-71 petition names to be made public so they could be "contacted," some among them have been carrying out their anti-marriage activism in the shadows of deception, hiding behind assumed names.

While demanding that Sec. Reed and A/G McKenna "release those names," some are doing so under the disguise of assumed identities.

Demanding "open government" on the one hand, some are leading fictitious lives.

Deception. Double Standard.

And sadly, Sec. Reed and A/G McKenna, I fear, have, or at least their staff, been spoon-fed information from these very people. I will say more about this in an upcoming blog.

Here's the deal. Even some homosexual activists are calling it psychotic.

Laurel Ramseyer was the leading voice---communications director for Josh Friedes and Equal Rights Washington in their opposition to R-71 and the defense of natural marriage. And their attacks on pro-marriage citizens.

But wait. She was also Lurleen Blogovitch. "Lurlreen," is a leading front page blogger for Pam's House Blend, a popular, national homosexual rights website, Wash blog, a columnist in Seattle's PubiCola, and other information sources.

It's a pathetic mess---a deception. Now it's all coming "out," as they say.

The following is an overview, with bullet points and links, regarding the deception, the reactions and "Lurleen's" take on Rob McKenna.

There is a good deal of information in the links. If you can take the time to read the links, please do. Marriage is the most important issue facing this state and our country. You cannot fix and economically sustain a culture when the very foundation of any culture---marriage and the family, are being re-engineered and destroyed.

Five thousand years of cultural experience has proven this true.

Here's the deal:

*"Lurleen" is Laurel Ramseyer.

*Pam Spaulding, of the national homosexual rights website Pam's House Blend, is complicit with Lurleen's deception.

*Josh Friedes, director of Equal Rights Washington, the leading homosexual rights organization in the state, is also complicit with the deception and knew of it during the R-71 campaign and beyond.

*The following is an
important segment from a national gay news website. This same link verifies the items above.

"The Maine Marriage fight and the Washington State Ref 71 were set up to give the illusion of the lgbt response being 'homegrown.' It was the furthest from homegrown imaginable--it was a union of Gay Inc with the Netroots Bloggers like Spaulding calling the shots on strategy and online media response. was told to "stay out" of WA and ME because I was from Massachusetts. Yet in WA State alone Josh Friedes was from the Massachusetts FTM and part of the MassEquality Coalition, Josh Cohen, ERW/WAFST tech lead/communications heralded from New Jersey, Monies were sent from EQCA by Marc Solomon (though Maine received a substantial amount more), bloggers from around the nation controlled messaging via list serves, and Lurleen made attempts at discrediting KnowthyNeighbor's importance, the least of which was in sending an email calling us "carpetbaggers" while she herself was a MassEquality export and maintained a presence under the pseudonym, Laurel, in the largest liberal Massachusetts blog, throughout the Ref 71 Campaign. To this day 'Laurel' at BMG tries to influence MA politics."

*Clearly there is infighting among the homosexual activists.

*Lurleen became so confused about her own identity that she made herself liable by publicly accusing Larry Stickney and myself of violating state PDC laws. Realizing her vulnerability, she made a quick and urgent apology. I have
linked it, exactly as we received it.

* People are questioning the creditability of Pam's House Blend and Lurleen/Laurel/etc. I have
linked a radio interview between Autumn Sandeen, a homosexual activist and recent participant in advocacy to the White House to repeal "Don't ask-Don't tell". It is the Rebecca Juro Show (pro-gay agenda) in which Autumn attempts to defend "Lurleen" and Pam. Particularly listen in at 3:45 seconds.

You will note there are a number of interesting points covered in the interview, from money, to hopefully keeping this "outing" off the front page. You will hear that "Lurleen" has also infiltrated religious organizations to gain advantage against them and their biblical beliefs.

There is more to the story, but I'm sure this will help to inform you.

Ironically, the reporters who interviewed me during R-71 from The Seattle Times and other news sources, often referred to quotes from Pam and Lurleen and the Stranger. When you pick up your paper, know it's all based on great and credible sources. Other newspapers around the state followed the Times' story lines, as smaller papers tend to do.

I know I am further making myself vulnerable by writing this. I am not doing so in anger or a vindictive spirit, but in an attempt to inform those of us on the wrong side of most mainstream news articles and editorial boards. Most of whom will defend or simply not care about the deception in all this anyway. However, even some in the homosexual activist community get it.

Here is the sad part, personally.

The influence from some of these deceptive individuals was felt even in the Secretary's office and that of the A/G.

How much spoon feeding from "Lurleen" and the likes have taken place with staff in these important offices?

As Attorney General McKenna gears up for his run for the Governor's Office, he is taking on the role of the so-called "moderate." A role that Secretary Reed strongly and publicly advocates as the only way a Republican can win a statewide race in Washington State.

Perhaps that is true. But is winning an election more important than holding core beliefs? Sadly, I believe it is for some.

But what does "moderate" mean? That you sort of believe in everything and are convinced of nothing? That you believe in the sanctity of life, sometimes? And it depends on whose life?

I feel McKenna may be making a mistake in his outreach to the homosexual voting block.

While values conservatives are pushing back, the homosexual activists are mocking him.

McKenna told the
PubiCola just before Christmas, "I'll continue to work across party lines to..."

Lurleen, yes, that Lurleen, responded just before New Years Day in the
same venue, "McKenna likes to portray himself as a moderate and let people presume that he's pro-gay or at least not ant-gay. I'm guessing..."

Wouldn't it be great if people could be who they actually are? You know--- Real name. Real beliefs.

Is someone calling the name of Ronald Reagan? Perhaps not.

I don't want to say this but I'm hearing a line from one of Thomas Jefferson's letters. To Tench Coxe, (1799) he wrote, "Whenever a man casts a longing eye on offices, a rottenness begins in his conduct."

John Adams, in a letter to Horatio Gates (March 23, 1776) wrote, "I agree with you that in politics the middle way is no way."

Is it too much to hope and pray that leaders will rise up among us who actually hold core conservative, biblical values and are willing to stand by those beliefs?

I hope not.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Informed. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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