Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Flood of Hypocrisy Nearing Flood Stage

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There is an urgent need to find higher ground as the flow of hypocrisy and deception nears flood stage in our culture.

Wisconsin, Planned Parenthood and Washington State Rep. Eileen Cody, all give us a glimpse of the rising tide of hypocrisy and deceit.

In Wisconsin, public schools are failing while the teachers are demanding more. Two-thirds of 8th graders, for example, are unable to read proficiently, despite the fact that Wisconsin spends more money per pupil than any other state in the Mid-West.

Take-away thoughts:

Don't mess with the NAE and its local affiliates. They are busing in protesters and agitators from all over the country, joining in with the locals to appear and sound more daunting and intimidating toward the Governor who is attempting to keep his campaign promise to bail out his state and balance the state budget.

Give us more money, public education demands. The Governor asks that teachers pay a fraction of their own pension and health-care costs, they say they have a right not to pay.

"He's trying to break the unions," they say. One wonders if the unions are not about to break the state and all the folks who send in their money to Madison each year---and pay a good part of their own health-care costs---and contribute to their own retirement pension---if they even have one.

"We are failing at what we are paid to do, so give us more money and power."

Hypocrisy nearing flood stage.

Planned Parenthood, caught time and time again in unacceptable and likely illegal practices--most recently, the pimp and the illegal alien underage girls he sells, are now feeling the heat---at least a little heat.

The US House of Representatives has voted to de-fund Planned Parenthood. However PP has an ace or two in their pocket---at least for now.

They don't think the Senate will pass the bill to de-fund them. Why? Because we were unable to elect a majority of pro-life senators last election. And Planned Parenthood and their affiliates such as NARAL, etc., own too big a share of the pro-abortion lawmaker's careers.

Too many states did what Washington State did last November in opting for ultra liberal, pro-abortion Senator Patty Murray.


Planned Parenthood has a very carefully crafted false image of who and what they really are.

That image is well represented in a national article carried recently in
The Seattle Times titled "Foes Seek To De-Fund, Discredit Planned Parenthood."

While the article gives the appearance of balance, it isn't. You can read it.

The purpose of the article is to put forth the idea that while conservatives may think PP is a criminal organization, their efforts to de-fund them is really an attack on minorities and the poor. They say this attempt, "Attacks the ability of American women to get reproductive health services they deserve."

Not to worry that some of those desiring "health care services" could be illegal underage aliens who are being prostituted by a pimp who needs abortions and "health care" without anyone knowing about it.

Planned Parenthood's response: "No problem."

The Media's response: "Planned Parenthood's national office notified the FBI before any videos...were released."


After Planned Parenthood discovered what had happened, just days before the release of the videos which we published here, they contacted the FBI attempting to save face and possibly much more.

This particular article mentions Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, because they can no longer avoid it, but wraps her in mystery and intrigue as to what she really believed and was trying to accomplish, stating that she in fact was pro-life or not pro-abortion.

Nothing could be further from the truth. We have
written on this with documentation.

The article in the Times is an example of the media's selective reporting under the guise of balanced news and failing to report that which may restrict their march toward unrestrained secularism.

And then there's Washington State.

Representative Matt Shea proposed a bill, HB 1442, this session that would simply require that parents be notified if their underage daughter was seeking an abortion. Parental Notification.

Representative Eileen Cody, chair of the Healthcare and Wellness Committee, would have none of it. She told the ranking Republican on the committee that she believes girls over the age of 14 who become pregnant are considered "emancipated---independent."

She killed the bill. And in doing so said "no" to parents and their rightful authority. Yet she, the Governor and others continue their drumbeat of how they want to "help families."


Representative Shea said he thought it was shameful that the public was not even given an opportunity to testify on the issue.

Shameful, indeed.

Governor Gregoire is fond of saying something may happen, "if the creek don't rise." I know that old phrase, we used it in the Yakima Valley as well.

However, this rising creek may have more implication than merely changing a plan. It may well change direction in the culture. As the overflow of deception and hypocrisy reaches flood stage in our culture, even liberal, so-called progressive states may awaken to the need for a flotation device, better known as a fiscal and social conservative.

God help us. May we be ready when our time comes. And I believe it will come.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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