Monday, February 07, 2011

A Stronger National Identity

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Although the United States of America was believed by some to be an officially "Christian" nation in our formative years---and beyond, it was never "officially" Christian.

There was such a strong Christian consensus that protected freedom for all and recognized that freedom came from God the Creator, not government, that the Judeo-Christian principles and values are at the core of the country's identity. It was our country's identity. At least until recently.

Those values shaped the American culture and shaped what America was to become. A city on a hill. The most blessed and prosperous nation in the history of the world.

Now President Obama and others insist that America is "no longer a Christian nation," with a note of pride, pragmatism, and secular, progressive accomplishment.

Inclusion, multiculturalism and inverted tolerance are often seen as a symbol of the new virtue by the post modern crowd.

But does this affirm progress, and if so toward what, or is it a sign of regression? A loss of national identity? A loss of purpose and destiny and character?

Sarah Palin's
comments last Friday night in Santa Barbara raised the ire of many in the media. She said Obama's policies have put the United States on the "Road to Ruin."

Is our present course a "road to ruin?" If not, why are those who advocate our present course so touchy and defensive about their actions and policies?

UK Prime Minister David Cameron
says the UK may also be on the "road to ruin."

While not using the term in his first speech as Prime Minister, he said, "Frankly, we need a lot less of the passive tolerance of recent years." In dealing directly with the Islamic problems England is experiencing, I believe, in a broader sense, he touched on some of the issues that are dividing America and causing us to be "weighed in the balance."

His immediate concern is the Islamic takeover of the UK and how radical Islamists are exploiting England's "positive tolerance" policies.

UK Security Minister, Barones Neville--Jones said in explanation of the PM's statements, "There's a widespread feeling in the country that we're less united behind values than we need to be."

While the Islamic influence in America is considerably less than it is in the UK---at least for now, their concerns should raise some concerns of our own.

Palin told her audience that America is at a crossroads,referencing a 1964 Ronald Reagan speech titled "A Time For Choosing."

Indeed we are at a crossroads. Will the secular progressives define America as something we have never been, or will we find national restoration?

Will we become a nation without a strong national identity, or will people of faith pray and act in ways that will bring God's blessing and restoration upon the nation?

Will we become a nation without defined purpose, without a defined destiny---a nation among others---not exceptional, without identity?

I personally favor the "pray and act" plan.

Over 200 years ago we sent England a very strong message---a Declaration.

Perhaps England, now, through her own struggles and challenges, is sending us a message, one underscored by her own policy mistakes, that if unheeded, will assure an outcome in America that the UK is only now beginning to realize.

This is a time for Americans to decide again who we are and what we believe. I believe that decision is in process.

Reagan was right. And Palin was right to quote him. This is a Time For Choosing.

An ancient call comes to mind. "Choose you this day whom you will for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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