Monday, March 21, 2011

Dr. Judy Kimelman: "Planned Parenthood Most Trusted"

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As the news media works its social agenda, it's always revealing which columnists they choose to publish and which they choose to ignore.

Which story is told---which story is buried, or not told---and how the story is told.

I found it interesting this weekend that the Seattle Times choose to publish an
article by Judy Kimeland, M.D., titled, "GOP-Controlled House Strikes A Blow At Women's Health."

This, following a March 1
article, "Planned Parenthood: Republicans Don't Want Birth Control," by Kyung M. Song.

In her article, Song extols the virtues of Planned Parenthood and notes that Elaine Rose, chief executive of Planned Parenthood Votes Washington, was among those who went to the other Washington and lobbied Congress in favor of Planned Parenthood and their continued funding. Imagine that.

She frames the issue by quoting Rose: "The GOP's agenda is not at all a fiscal argument. What Republicans ultimately want is they don't want birth control."

Really? Some think the issue is about taxpayer funding of abortions.

The Times and Ms. Song would have you believe otherwise.

This weekend, Dr. Judith Kimeland wrote a column the Times chose to publish which says, "GOP-Controlled House Strikes A Blow At Women's Health."

Dr. Kimeland says the message from Republicans is, "No more family planning."

She also says, "By... attacking Planned Parenthood, Congress is attacking the largest and most trusted provider" of so-called reproductive services, family planning, teen sex ed, etc.

Most trusted? Trusted by whom?

I won't even attempt to list the times Planned Parenthood has been caught---on tape---within the past year, violating ethics, lying, breaching trust and likely breaking the law.

Most trusted?

Here's the question the Times avoids and the issue they refuse to address.

If Planned Parenthood, Ms. Song, Dr. Kimeland and a number of other advocates are so very,very concerned about women's health, why were they lined up, in fact crowding to the front of the line, to testify against the Pregnancy Centers only days ago in Olympia?

In demanding that the State Legislature impose requirements on the Pregnancy Centers that would have surely given Planned Parenthood lawyers the opportunity to sue them out of business, I wonder how that translates to protecting women's health care.

Dr. Kimeland, in her closing statement, makes this appeal: "Viewed from any angle, denying women access to family planning and attacking the organizations providing it is bad policy that will harm women, children and families..."

Viewed from "any angle" Dr. Kimeland?


That would be any angle, except a pro-life view. What was the angle when attacking Pregnancy Centers?

The hearings revealed that the Pregnancy Centers don't take taxpayers money, in fact, save taxpayers money, are very much a part of their community and serve an important health care function in each community where they exist.

Fortunately, Washington State Legislators had the political sense or moral integrity to let the Planned Parenthood attack die.

In either event, you, the people, made the case and the lawmakers heard you, even though the news media and the abortion industry continue to charge forward, hand in hand, in support of their "most trusted."

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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