Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Suburbs Of Sodom

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Thank you to all who attended the senate hearing yesterday on HB 1267 in Olympia. The hearing room was over capacity and an overflow room was opened in another part of the building.

I personally enjoyed seeing and chatting with many of you.

Rep. Jamie Pederson, the sponsor of the bill, spoke first, introducing his reasons for the bill, etc. That was followed by testimony from a number of homosexuals and I think one straight couple who supported the bill. Those who support the bill did what they have consistently done on homosexual issues, they brought children to read testimony in support of the bill.

Those who testified from our side did well. I was not given opportunity to testify, although I had requested it.

Aside from the many valid reasons why this bill must not become law---and there are many, it was a personal comment made by Pedersen that continued to resonate in my mind last night.

He told of how he, as a kid, had watched "Leave It To Beaver," concluding that those days are gone and families look very different now. Therefore, the laws must be changed to reflect and support the change---specifically the picture of family the homosexual community advocates.

But I'm wondering if the laws of a society should be changed to support and affirm principles and practices that have been rejected by every major religion and every successful society for the past 5000 or more years.

I'm thinking specially of marriage, family, and now, motherhood.

It occurred to me that those asking society to abandon those principles and practices are doing so because of their sexual preferences and behavior. And although they represent between 2% and 4% of our population, they are asking---no, demanding, change for an entire culture. Re-do the neighborhood.

Rep. Pedersen and others do indeed see a very different standard for "family". But should the standard be changed for a few?

Are we creating a Suburb of Sodom?

In this new neighborhood, left turns are mandatory, right turns illegal. Two mommies and two daddies are normal and those who oppose this change are out of touch, rigid, uninformed, haters, bigoted and intolerant. Mother's wombs are not sacred, but for sale.

In this neighborhood green lights mean stop---red lights mean go, up is down and down is up, unnatural is natural, abnormal is normal and if you speak of it, you may be committing a "hate crime."

I would ask---no beg, that our Senators lead us not into the temptation to reorder society and compromise motherhood, but deliver us from evil by rejecting this bill.

Please contact your state senator today and ask them to oppose
HB 1267.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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**Image of Sen. Dan Swecker and Gary Randall at Hearing.