Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bad Apple

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Twice in 4 months, tech company, Apple, has caved in to the demands of homosexual activists.

The demand for "tolerance" has turned to an "intolerant demand" toward anyone who has a different view.

Last November, Apple took action against the Manhattan Declaration app and removed it.

The Manhattan Declaration is a statement of conscience in defense of life, marriage and religious freedom---a manifesto of faith and freedom, signed by most of America's national Christian leaders.

The Declaration says regarding homosexuals, "We respect them as human beings, possessing profound, inherent and equal dignity." The Declaration also calls homosexual relations "sin" in accordance with biblical teaching and adds, "We, no less than they, are sinners who have fallen short of God's intention for our lives."

This defines my personal beliefs and those of Faith and Freedom.

Having none of it, Michael Jones, with Change.org, a homosexual activist site, accused the Manhattan Declaration of reducing homosexuals to "little more than deviant cretins."

In response, Apple removed the Manhattan Declaration app.

Recently Exodus International, a Christian ministry dedicated to helping people who desire to find freedom from homosexuality, had its app removed because it was "offensive to large groups of people," although Apple had originally given it a "4-plus" rating, meaning it contained no objectionable material.

Those attacking Exodus sarcastically referred to their app as the "gay app" and worse. Those comments and sentiments were advanced by the press.

What was lost in their trip to tolerance is that Exodus expresses Christian love and compassion in their ministry to those seeking deliverance from the homosexual lifestyle. They use the word "heal" rather than "cure" while emphasizing their hope for the following outcome: "A growing capacity to turn away from the temptations [and] a reconciling of one's identity with Jesus Christ."

So how "large" are these "groups of people" who are demanding that Apple drop the app?

Gary Gates, demographer-in-residence at the Williams Institute on Sexual Orientation Law and Public Policy at UCLA, has recently found there are not nearly as many as claimed.

Alfred Kinsey said in the 1940's that 10% of men were "predominantly homosexual."

That myth has been advanced by the press and homosexual activists seeking to increase their political clout.

Gates says pin pointing a solid number is an "elusive task" but using 5 different studies, he has concluded that there are 4 million adults who identify as being gay or lesbian, representing 1.7% of the over-18 US population.

1.7% ?

So 1.7 % are the "large numbers". Even if every homosexual in the country is an activist, and I doubt they are, is that the "large number" who are picking the Apple and forcing them to be intolerant toward those with whom the activists disagree?

Or is there something else in play?

Does Apple have a double standard?

While sanctimoniously rejecting the "offensive" apps from the Manhattan Declaration and Exodus, Apple continues to carry "GrindR," an app that facilitates homosexual hook-ups and more than half a dozen apps advertising "sex positions" and God only knows what else, that tens of millions of Christians find offensive..

Bad Apple.

The "tolerance" trip has made a left turn and has traveled beyond to "enforced tolerance" using intolerance to enforce it.

Peter Sprigg, with Family Research Council, has written an article on the matter titled, "Apple's Censorship: Rotten to the Core."

He notes that Apple's double standard is striking.

"Supporting the natural definition of marriage as the union of male and female (as 45 of 50 states do) is not 'hate,'" Sprigg says.

And supporting the personal freedom and autonomy of those who seek sexual orientation change "demonizes no one" he says.

He admonishes Apple, as a technology leader, to facilitate, not stifle public debate.

Whatever their motive, Apple is clearly not motivated by "large numbers" of people.

Bad Apple.

Be Aware. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active.

Thank you for supporting us.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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