Thursday, June 23, 2011

Atheists "Really Insulted" by 9/11 Sign Demanding Removal

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Following 9/11, the seven firemen from the firehouse on Richards Street in Brooklyn who lost their lives have been remembered by family and the community as the "Seven in Heaven."

Approaching the 10th anniversary of 9/11, the people in the community felt they wanted to further honor these men by putting up a street sign by the firehouse on Richards Street.

The sign was hung this week. It says "Seven In Heaven Way".

Now the American Atheists organization is demanding it be removed. If they were to win their threatened lawsuit, it would affect the names of hundreds of cities and towns across America.

Here's how far we have drifted from our founding and, for that matter, from common sense. And look how the atheists are invoking God and biblical principles to make their case.

David Silverman, president of American Atheists told the press, "Its improper for the city to endorse the view that heaven exists. It links Christianity and heroism."

Ken Bronstein, one of his associates said, "The problem with the sign is that you are assuming that you know what they felt deep down. You're assuming they believed in heaven."

He told FOX radio, the sign is "really insulting."

Craig Hammerman, district manager for Brooklyn Community Board 6, is wondering out loud, why, if they were so insulted, they never raised their concerns as "the sign" went through public review at the community board level and when it came before the city council on the public agenda.

A pathetic picture, with questionable motives.

Bronstien says if the city doesn't remove the sign he will likely file a lawsuit. And the ACLU will likely represent him.

Think about this. If the courts should rule in his favor, hundreds of cities and towns across America should change their names.

If a sign that reads "Seven In Heaven Way" cannot hang in front of a Brooklyn firehouse, how can L.A. be Los Angeles, the "city of angels?" And what about Corpus Christi, Latin for "The Body of Christ?" That would be really, really insulting.

Zion? Providence? Bethlehem? St. Paul? St. Petersburg? St. Joseph? In fact, I checked out the list of cities and towns with biblical names at Yahoo Answers. It's very long. If you've got a minute read it. You will note there are not so many in the Northwest.

And if the sign in Brooklyn comes down, should we not rid Washington D.C. of all its biblical inscriptions and references that are etched in stone and concrete by our Founders and those who followed them? They would be much more insulting than the sign in Brooklyn.

Prepare the jack hammers and wrecking balls.

And one last thought. While they insist they do not believe in God,--- don't want Him in the culture, they are invoking the very principles of freedom our Founders declared to be given by God. The freedoms fought for as a result of our Declaration of Independence, and the wars that would follow.

If it were not for the steadfast belief in God and His gift of human rights and freedom, these folks would never be given the opportunity to attempt to remove Him.

God is good. His mercy endures forever.

May God give us a renewed sense of Truth.

If you have not joined us on the petition to NBC, please do so. If you have, please consider forwarding the information to friends and family asking them to join us. A link can also be found on the Faith and Freedom homepage:

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Informed. Be Prayerful. Be Blessed.

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