Friday, June 17, 2011

Congresswoman Equates Islamic Terrorism to Militant Christians

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I could have titled this, "The Assisted Suicide of America."

Representative Peter King, R-New York, and now chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee has, since being appointed as chair, begun hearings on homeland security and those who present the greatest danger to our security.

You would think this would be something that lawmakers could kind of agree upon in that the terrorists are respecters of none--they kill Democrats and Republicans.

You would be dead wrong.

King conducted another round of hearings earlier this week in which Representative Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas, in anger equated "Christian militants" to Islamic terrorists. The objections to "looking into" or "studying" Islamic Terrorism took on an unbelievable tone.

Jackson Lee compared Verne Jay Merrell, who set off the bombs in Spokane near a newspaper office and an abortion clinic, with organized international Islamic terrorism.

Please know, I do not condone any violence, under any circumstances, by anyone. Not Christians, not Muslims, not Blacks, not whites---nobody. It's wrong and must addressed with justice, as was the case with Merrell.

But shouldn't reasonable people see some difference between a Verne Merrell and organized international Islamic terrorism?

When police professionals from New York and Los Angeles told the lawmakers that young inmates were being radicalized to Islamic terrorism in our prisons and called it an "evolving threat," it is difficult to grasp the response of Rep. Jackson Lee and other liberals.

Here's what they said, what Rep. King said, an article published by Andrew Breitbart on the subject and how we are committing assisted suicide in this country.

When Representative Jackson Lee and her colleagues heard the report from law professionals, they actively argued over the true meaning of "radicalized" and said this discussion was "racist" and they should be focusing on, "Broader issues like--gangs, unfair sentencing practices that target young black men, and other extremists, including white supremacists."

King told them they had chaired this committee for the past four years and had addressed none of those issues.


America is committing assisted suicide, administered by the masters of political correctness.

Look at the progression:

Christmas Tree = Holiday tree. Thomas Jefferson prohibits it. No, the Constitution prohibits it.
Support illegal immigration = Compassion.
Oppose illegal immigration = Racism. Hate.
Defend natural marriage, DOMA = Bigotry. Hate. Intolerance. Extreme. Fundamentalism.
Defend Life and its sanctity = Anti woman. Anti choice. Narrow. Out of touch. Extreme.
Identify Muslim terrorists = Racial profiling. Racism. Intolerance.

And so it goes.

Following an earlier hearing conducted by Rep. King with similar responses, Andrew Brietbart, who published the Planned Parenthood sting videos and most recently broke the Anthony Weiner story, has published, "Move Along, Mullahs Say, Nothing To See Hear".

There are a number of contributors, some Muslims. I have linked the story here. Take a moment and read it.

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful.

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