Tuesday, June 21, 2011

NBC to Air "Play Boy Club" - Unless...

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In followup to yesterday's blog; there has been a growing outcry from the Christian/conservative community regarding NBC's editing of the Pledge of Allegiance. As we expressed yesterday morning, NBC's actions were purposeful, not an oversight, and as we also mentioned, their apology was pathetic.

Now the Media Research Council has released the following statement, which we fully support:

“NBC’s pathetic apology did nothing but compound the offense by refusing to admit what they had done. Either NBC identifies and fires the employee or employees responsible for this act or the network is guilty of deliberately giving aid and comfort to religious bigots.”

The MRC is “urging religious leaders to educate their congregations to NBC’s attack on faith and join us in publicly denouncing the network.”

Beginning this fall, NBC will begin airing "The Playboy Club" at 10 PM/9 Central.

Here's how NBC describes the new weekly series set in 1963:

"The provocative new series captures a time and place that challenged the social mores, where a visionary created an empire, and an icon changed American culture."

Playboy, in the early 1960's, opened the floodgate to public pornography and celebrated the misuse and mistreatment of women in our culture. They indeed did change the culture.

NBC affiliate KSL in Salt Lake City has already notified NBC they refuse to air the show.

Many churches and faith based organizations are discussing how---not whether, they should respond.

Here's what Faith and Freedom is doing.

Faith and Freedom Foundation has made the decision to join a growing coalition of faith based organizations who will be asking NBC to drop the show and not air it. If they do air it we are asking you to pledge not to watch it and we will ask you to boycott the advertisers on the show. If we get to that point, we will give you the list of advertisers.

Please stand with us in this effort. We feel it is very important and a strong and firm response from the Christian community is vital.

Click here to join with us and others.

I am asking NBC to Remove "The Playboy Club" from their fall program line-up. I will not watch it and will boycott the advertisers on the show, should it air.