Thursday, June 09, 2011

No More Churches in School Buildings

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A federal appeals court has ruled that a city can block religious groups---particularly Christian churches from renting and using public school buildings for worship services outside regular school hours, such as weekend days.

But first, an update on the first ever LGBT government sponsored "Summit" in DC.

Government officials would not let reporters or cameras into the breakout sessions this week.

Also, Education Secretary Arne Duncan, reminded those in attendance that he "supported the first charter school for LGBT students in Chicago." And he announced that in July (next month) the "Department of Education will be holding the first 'training' session for promoting college completion for LGBT students." I have linked that story here.

This has provided much needed revenue for school districts, while meeting a need in the community. Now New York City can block churches from renting the facilities.

There are those among us who continue to beat the drum, demanding that all religious vestige be expelled from the public fabric of a country founded on Christian principles.

God Help Us.

Gary Randall

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