Tuesday, July 26, 2011

NY "Marriage"--Bliss or Blatant Violations

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While the media gave the nation images of midnight bliss at Niagara Falls, two homosexuals being "married" in Republican Mayor Blumberg's office, by the Mayor himself, and various intimate moments elsewhere across the state celebrating the triumph of "equality" while dispensing with 5000 years of marriage as a natural union between a man and a woman, a very different image was already beginning to emerge.

It is an image of blatant violations of citizen rights. An ugly picture of threats and possible miscarriage of the political process in getting to the "vote".

We now learn there were most likely numerous constitutional and legal violations in the journey to "equality."

A lawsuit has been filed. Here are some of the violations cited in the suit and a copy of the actual complaint.

While Associated Press carried a brief story yesterday afternoon, they failed to cover filing with any importance. The story will find its way into the media over the next few days.

Liberty Council has filed a suit on behalf of New Yorkers For Constitutional Freedoms.

I have linked an actual copy of the complaint here.

The complaint states a number of violations by the New York Senate, the Governor and others in their haste to redefine marriage.

A few examples:

They claim the Governor personally pressured Republican Senators to vote for the ACT at a private meeting at the Governor's mansion using millions of dollars he raised from Wall Street financiers.

The suit claims that New York's Senate violated its own procedures and the state's open meetings law when it approved the bill on June 24.

The Senate leaders prevented lawmakers who opposed the ACT from speaking their opposition from the floor.

The Senate didn't follow procedures that require a bill to go through appropriate committees before a full Senate vote.

There were Senate lock-outs preventing lobbyists and the public access to elected Representatives.

Rather than magic at midnight, it was mayhem in the chamber. The lawmakers, Governor, Mayor and others, trampled citizen's rights and evidently violated the very laws they have pledged to uphold.

The media's image of bliss was apparently a mere veneer covering the blatant legal violations, all in the name of "equality" and "secular progressive fairness."

God help us!

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Active. Be Prayerful. Be Blessed.

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