Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Patty Murray Problem

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Michelle Malkin, former reporter and editorial board member for the Seattle Times, now a syndicated columnist says, "Everything that's wrong with the so-called 'super committee' can be summed up in the person, partisan hackery and policy ignorance of Washington Democratic Senator Patty Murray."

Malkin says, "Charlie Brown had Peppermint Patty. America has US Mint Patty. This is a career politician who has never met a special interest that shouldn't be supported by taxpayers."

Malkin recalls, "While I served as the youngest member on the Seattle Times editorial board, I asked her about the disproportionate tax burden that FICA taxes imposed on Generation X and low income workers. I wanted to know if she supported creative alternatives to the Social Security system like the opt-out plan adopted by the cities of Bellevue, WA and Galveston, Texas."

Murray's response was shocking to Malkin at the time and should be to you now.

" 'FICA'? she repeated with a puzzled glance at her entourage of DC staffers," Malkin writes.

I highly recommend you read Malkin's latest column. She suggests that the mom in tennis shoes has evolved. She also suggests that America's financial troubles will not be solved by Patty Murray and the so-called "super committee."