Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Obama's " LGBT-Q" US Military

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Once again the President has dispatched all the president's men and all the president's horses in his crusade to re-define the culture---and keep the much needed homosexual vote.

The implementation of the repeal of the "Don't Ask-Don't Tell" policy is set to begin today.

Many feel his actions are at the expense of the US legislative process, freedom to express personal religious beliefs and the readiness of the United States military.

In his rush to keep the gay vote, President Obama's people have cut corners, disregarded requests from lawmakers for documents related to the repeal, generally trashing the process, and actually drafted the final report on the impact of repealing "Don't Ask- Don't Tell" before the surveys were even sent to the troops.

All this to build his "LGBT-Q" cultural experiment in the US military. And to get the homosexual vote.

Senior House Armed Services Committee leaders have written a stunning letter to the President's Sec. of Defense Leon Panetta saying, "not so fast."

In the letter, Chairman "Buck" McKeon and personnel subcommittee Chairman Joe Wilson, have called for a delay in the implementation. For valid reasons.

The Washington Times published a very informative article on this matter yesterday.

Here are the reasons contained in the letter:

1. "The Department is not ready to implement the repeal because all policies and regulations necessary for the transition are not final yet." The President's men are planning to circulate a PowerPoint presentation, rather than military personnel actually getting the policies and regs in writing as required by law.

But it gets worse.

2. McKeon cites a Defense Department inspector general's investigation report, which revealed that the favorable and "exalted" 2010 Pentagon survey on homosexuals serving openly in the military was "so pre-determined that the final report was being drafted before the surveys were even sent to the troops."

3. Committee officials still have not received documents that comply with the requirements for public review and comment.

4. The President's handling of the matter "insulted the legislative and oversight responsibilities of the House of Representatives."

5. During the hearings in April, when committee members asked questions about the effect of the new policy on fundamentally important issues like personal privacy, marriage benefits and religious rights of conscience, the Pentagon witnesses often simply said "I don't know." Then who does know?

6. The whole Obama mission undermines DOMA, and in doing so undermines the legislative process of our country. It pretends DOMA does not exist.

Pretending may well be the Hallmark of this administration.

I agree with the Washington Times article:

President Obama made a political promise to LGBT-Q activists and Defense Department appointees who have been dispatched to re-structure the military with political correctness and payback for votes, have created a shaky house of cards that is destined to collapse.

I only hope and pray their mission collapses before they bring down the ability of our military to a point where it compromises our military personnel and the country itself.

On a related note- The LGBT-Q activists are so confident of the President that they are launching a new homosexual military magazine today, the same day the repeal is to be implemented. The magazine will be available at US military bases across the world. The first of its kind magazine focuses on the homosexual lifestyle in the military and, according to those publishing it, reaches out to those who are lonely and to those who disagree with the repeal of the "Don't Ask - Don't Tell " policy.

The publishers say the magazine is free.

And today the homosexual activists will get up and say, "See, the sky didn't fall. The world didn't end. Our enemies didn't defeat us. We are strong. All is well. Peace and safety."

And the press will report it in a million creative ways.

And then...?

What about 20 years from now? The next generation? Beyond? Actions have consequences.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Strong In Faith. Be Prayerful. Be Active.

Thank you for standing with us.