Monday, October 03, 2011

R-71 Summary Judgement Begins Today --The Hate Continues

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R-71 summary judgement review begins today. Judge Settle will review all the evidence and make a ruling or summary judgement on whether the names of those who signed the R-71 petitions should be protected or, as Attorney General Rob McKenna and Secretary of State Sam Reed contend, should be released to several homosexual activist groups.

These groups have promised to circulate the names publicly and to contact signers to have a "conversation."

Meanwhile, while the judge considers the evidence, the hate continues---this time toward the church where Pastors Roy and Valerie Hartwell serve. They, as you may recall, led the oversight of the name verification on the R-71 petitions.

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Many of us who led the R-71 effort felt one of the major factors that ensured the Referendum being on the ballot was the work of Roy and Valerie Hartwell and their oversight during the name verification process in the elections office.

The church building in Olympia that they rent for their congregation has been a Free Methodist Church for many years. There has never been any vandalism or tagging of the building--- until lately.

Recently, the building was tagged with graffiti that read, "Fags Hate God." The next morning two females were out on the sidewalk laughing, talking about the tag and taking pictures of it.

The Hartwells have filed police reports. They are convinced this is related to their involvement in defending marriage.

They believe the tagging is an expression of hate toward their position on marriage, done under the guise of anarchists.

With the full force and financial strength of the state, McKenna and Reed will make their final effort today to convince the judge to release the names of 138,000 citizens who stood for marriage and signed a petition.

Attorneys James Bopp, Steve Pidgeon and those of us who led the R-71 effort have done all we can humanly do to protect the names of those who signed.

We are asking you to pray today that God will intervene and that families will be spared the experience of being contacted and confronted by homosexual activists. It is, however, in His hands. May His will be done.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Blessed.

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