Monday, October 10, 2011

A Stand For Marriage. A Call For Tools.

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President FDR borrowed a few lines from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's poem, "The Building of a Ship" in a personal, hand written letter to Winston Churchill. In his letter, FDR reflected on the peril of their times and wrote, "Humanity with all its fears, with all the hopes of future years, is hanging breathless on thy fate," reminding Churchill that the United States and England needed each other in their time of great trial.

Churchill famously replied: "Give us the tools and we will finish the job."

The peril of their day was ideological and military driven.

The peril of our day is primarily driven by a cultural, intellectual and spiritual battle over ethics, morality and how biblical truth influences our culture. The definition of marriage. And family. The sanctity of life.

These are perilous times. And they are evil and destructive times. Eternally destructive.

America, our state and our communities truly hang "breathlessly" in the balance.

No one can stand alone against the tide of evil in our day, but we can stand, if we stand together--with God.

We can stand in defense of Christian values and principles. In defense of the family. And marriage. And life. If we stand together--with God.


Senator Ed Murray and other homosexual activist legislators have targeted this next legislative session to push through a re-definition of marriage--the most sacred cornerstone of human existence and experience.

He has done this before, but this time, they say, it will be different.

He and his colleagues defy over 5000 years of historical, moral and social understanding of marriage. They say, "Redefine it." Forget historical experience, biblical and other religious teaching and social prudence.

The normalization of homosexual behavior and so-called homosexual "marriage" has been a hallmark of every failed culture and society in history.

The Seattle Times, most other newspapers and most television stations in the state are cheering them on.

The press is telling the public, "Now is the time." There will soon be a push to redefine marriage unlike any ever seen in this state. And it has already begun.

The homosexual activists and the press equate this sexual behavior with ethnicity and call the demand to redefine marriage a civil rights issue.

Sexual behavior---any sexual behavior, does not equate to ethnicity.

We are not only standing for marriage, but are taking specific actions.

Here are our immediate action steps.

1. Faith and Freedom has joined with most of the other faith based organizations in Washington State for planning and coordinated strategies.

We are financially committed to this process. I am counting on you to help us with this financial commitment.

2. We have completed our first statewide survey to learn how the citizens of Washington State feel about homosexual "marriage"--about redefining marriage. The Elway Poll, which polls for the Seattle Times, PI and most other newspapers and television stations across the state, is doing the surveys for us. The first survey is in. Others will follow. These will be very helpful in discerning how to communicate and educate the public in the coming weeks.

There is a significant cost to Faith and Freedom for this process. We need your support to help pay for these surveys. And to act on the knowledge they provide. I know you understand.

3. We have helped create a leadership group of legislators who support and will work to defend marriage in the legislature. We are involved with both representatives and senators. Our objective is to defeat Murray's bill in the legislature. If we do not, we are prepared to launch a referendum effort to overturn the new law.

These are perilous times. We need the tools to stand against the tide of evil. Will you help us?

You Must Help us. We cannot do this without your help.

Please pray for us as the homosexual activists are possessed with advancing their agenda. The press is obsessed with helping them do so. Pray for favor with those from whom we need favor. And protection from those who would seek to harm. Also pray for wisdom and discernment in this defense of marriage. We are vigilant.

I pray God will speak to your heart as He has spoken to mine. We need the tools. We need you to stand with us. The other side has millions of dollars where we have a few. The other side has the press and media to help get their message out. We must pay to get our message out.

Longfellow also wrote in his "The Building of A Ship" poem, "Build me straight, O worthy Master, staunch and strong, a goodly vessel."

This is the time for our best effort for biblical truth and righteousness in the culture. For a successful defense of marriage and family. And for a country that desperately needs a moral reset. And spiritual restoration.

From my heart--Thank you. And God bless you.

Please mail a check or make a donation online. We need it now.