Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Atheists Having Problem With The Truth

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It has been said it takes more faith to be an atheist than to be a Christian. I don't know about that, but I do know that atheists have a problem with the truth, and this time it's on a huge billboard at 1545 Newport Blvd., Costa Mesa, California. For all to see.

The billboard reads: "I do not find in Christianity one redeeming feature. It is founded on fables and mythology." Thomas Jefferson

They may want him to have said that or even believe he could have said that, but the Jefferson Library at Monticello says differently.

Here's the rest of the story, the links, what the atheist group is now saying and who said Jefferson made that statement.

Bruce Gleason, whose atheist group Backyard Skeptics paid to put up this and other similar signs around the country, said he got the quote from John E. Remsberg's 1906 book, "Six Historic Americans" and Jefferson made the comment in a letter to a "Dr. Wood."

However there is a problem.

The Jefferson Library in Monticello says, "As far as we know, TJ never wrote to an individual calling him/her self 'Dr. Wood.' Another suspicious element is the statement that he does not find in Christianity 'one redeeming feature.' One presumes that Jefferson did, in fact, find some redeeming features in Christianity, otherwise he would not have taken the time to paste together his own versions of the Bible."

While Jefferson was not the designated evangelical leader of his time, he apparently never made that statement. Secular progressives have so successfully misrepresented and misquoted Jefferson in regard to separation of church and state, perhaps they now think they can speak for him more effectively the he himself could.

John E. Remsberg not only wrote, "Six Historic Americans," but a better known work titled, "The Christ" in which chapter one is titled, "Christ's Real Existence Impossible." On page one Remsberg states, "...the Jesus of Bethlehem, the Christ of Christianity, is an impossible character and does not exist."

Remsberg's life work was to prove there is no God and show Christianity to be mere mythology. With Christianity now numbering a little over 2 billion worldwide, it would appear Remsberg did not make a significant impact. Nor have others before and after Remsberg.

Gleason told the Orange County Register, "I should have done the research before I put my billboard up."

Perhaps atheists should do a little more research before they attempt to throw God under the bus, declare Jesus Christ non existent and seek to lead others into the same lane of traffic.

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