Friday, December 02, 2011

Don't Contribute to the Salvation Army?

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I wanted to make you aware of 2 things today. One naughty. The other nice.


He says, "Skip the bell." Why? "Because the Salvation Army has a history of discrimination against gays and lesbians."

Bil (yes, Bil with one l) Browning says he and his boyfriend had a bad experience with the Salvation Army. They wouldn't let them live intimately together at a shelter. He says they tried to "break them up." I don't know if his story is true or not, but his attack on the Salvation Army has over the past couple of years gotten some traction this year.

His website is circulating a lengthy message which essentially attacks the Salvation Army for being discriminating and hypocritical in their practice.

They are neither. They do, however, have a biblical view of homosexual behavior.

He, evidently, is not part of the peaceful, passive group Joel Connelly described in his Seattle PI column I referenced yesterday.

I don't speak for the Salvation Army, nor do they need me to do so, but I do contribute to them regularly. I have also known some of the leadership in the past and have actually rung a bell for them one year when I was on television.

I have linked to Wikipedia - Salvation Army here. Notice they have been helping people since 1865.

Also notice under "beliefs," their biblical positions on homosexuality, euthanasia and the sanctity of life.

I would encourage you to hear the bell, find a Salvation Army "pot" this weekend and put money in it.


Nathan Karren, a freshman at Issaquah High School, is making life a little better during this Christmas season for hundreds of sick and injured kids at Overlake Hospital in Bellevue.

Working toward becoming an Eagle Scout, he decided to direct his service project toward the kids at Overlake.

KOMO news reported that Nathan collected 652 stuffed animals for the kids. He delivered them to the hospital this past Tuesday night.

Debbie Luttman, Overlake Director of Emergency Services, told KOMO that stuffed animals are very therapeutic for the kids.

"It's usually very stressful," she said, "frequently they're very uncomfortable and in pain, and a stuffed animal to hug just gives them so much comfort."

I would note that the Boy Scouts organization has also been attacked in similar fashion, but as the Salvation Army, continue to contribute to so many lives in so many ways.

God bless them both. And God bless you. Have a great weekend.

Thanks for your support of this ministry.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Informed. Be Active. Be prayerful. Be Blessed.

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