Tuesday, December 06, 2011

A Pastor Responds to the Pastor and Church in Gig Harbor

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Recently I reported on a "redefinition of marriage" meeting held at the First United Methodist church in Gig Harbor.

There were a number of comments posted to our blog, and as usual we also received a number of personal email from a variety of people expressing both concern about the direction some churches are moving and simply expressing support and appreciation for what we are doing.

We seldom publish these kinds of communications. However, I emailed the pastor, whom I do not know, and asked if I could share his thoughts. I have included his personal response and his thoughts published on his own blog on the role of the First United Methodist church in Gig Harbor:

Hi Gary,

Sure use this for the blog. Praise God for your outspoken ministry. Jeremiah 50:2a says, "Declare and proclaim among the nations. Proclaim it and lift up a standard. Do not conceal it ..." I feel ministries like yours are keeping the righteousness of our nation at the standards God intends.

I am a Free Methodist pastor and am sad about their bowing the knee to social pressures at our 'cousin' denomination church at the Gig Harbor United Methodist Church. Scripture, Holy Spirit conviction, natura- logical condition and witness of creation doesn't speak at all to this pastor. Can a leopard change its spots the Scripture asks in Jeremiah? Volitional choices on our conduct is God-given, an ethnic skin colored person is discriminated against based upon a choice that was made for him prior to birth, and is discriminated against because of that. Yet a civil right for the gay community is wrong; the civil war was a huge war based upon TRUE civil rights, not behavior. I wish they would remember these things. The Free Methodist denomination is probably going to have to begin seeing who is a real cousin or not. Thank you.

Thanks Pastor. Good thoughts.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.

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