Friday, January 13, 2012

Gov Gregoire Admits She's Morally Conflicted

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The Olympian editorial board was wondering out loud yesterday if the Governor's effort to pass a same-sex marriage bill will cause lawmakers to "be so distracted by the contentious issue that they let it divert them from their primary purpose---balancing the budget."

However, there was a more poignant back story in their comments. A story of a woman's conflict with her faith, her responsibilities of leadership and what she has accepted as "equality."

She told the press earlier this week, "I have been on my own journey, I'll admit that."

The Olympian pointed out that the Governor's new found position on marriage is in clear conflict with her church---the Catholic church and its bishops in Washington State.

Greg Magnoni, spokesman for the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Seattle, also said this week his church would be "looking for the Legislature to uphold the current legal definition of marriage as between a man and a woman." The position of the Catholic Church is clear.

The Governor admits she has struggled with the marriage issue for the past 7 years.

In defending her new found position she told the press, "This is about my personal faith. I came to understand my religion is one thing, but as governor of the state and as a human being, I believe in equality."

It is indeed conflicting to believe something and act in opposition to that belief.

While the Governor crossed the threshold on the sanctity of life and became an advocate for abortion some time ago, she has remained conflicted on marriage. Believing one thing while doing something else is always difficult.

It is written that double minded people become unstable in all their ways.

But how does the idea of "equality" and "fairness" square with her position on abortion. Doesn't the baby in the womb have a right to live---equal to the right of other children whose mothers chose not to kill them?

And does legalizing same-sex "marriage" really create equality? What about polygamous groups who love each other and have long term relationships? What about closely related couples, brother and sister, father and daughter, first cousins, etc? What about their equality and fairness?

Marriage was not created on the basis of equality or fairness. It was created as a relationship between a man and a woman for much greater purposes and every major religion and every successful civilization has recognized its importance and rewarded and honored its existence. Until now.

Re-defining marriage is not an act of equality. It's an act of conferring "special rights" to a certain group because of political pressure.

Can a culture be morally neutral? Can religion and morality be one thing while actions something else?

It is written that a double minded man or woman is unstable in all their ways. Being morally conflicted is difficult.

Scripture teaches that for those who know to do right and not do so, is sin. Sin can be conflicting. It is possible, but very emotionally and spiritually challenging to have been taught the truth, then to walk away from it.

It is also emotionally and spiritually conflicting to say you believe something, then advocate against it, while washing your hands of the consequences. Pilate discovered that truth.

I pray that the Governor will reconsider the teaching in her home and her church when she was a child. And rediscover the truth. And be free.

And not sacrifice the sanctity of marriage on the illusion of equality.