Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Religious Left Praying and Advocating for Obamacare

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Violating the most fundamental teaching of Christianity and Christ Himself, the religious left is following the call of President Obama to be activists for his "Obamacare" which will come before the US Supreme Court later this month.

New revelations and mandates in the President's health care plan are chilling and far reaching, and even involve the University of Washington.

The religious left is planning "virtual parties" by teleconferences this month preceding and during the Supreme Court hearing on the constitutionality of Obamacare. The parties will include personal testimonies of how much the President and his social agenda means to those who give the testimonies.

They will be based in the United Methodist Building across the street from the Supreme Court on Capitol Hill. They will be praying, advocating and hosting a "radio row" from which left wing radio talk show hosts can broadcast live during the Court hearing.

Ironically, the building that was built by faithful Methodists who stood for Temperance in the 1920s, is now being used by the most far left President in the history of our nation and those who are heeding his call to advance the most damaging piece of legislation in our history---and certainly the most anti-religious liberty and anti-life bill to become law since our Founders laid their reputations and fortunes on the line to frame a new nation under God. Only Roe v. Wade stands in its company.

How can so-called religious people lean so far left as to not only support, but advocate for legislation that tramples on religious freedoms and the sanctity of life, while pushing the country off the cliff of secular socialism? And give testimony to the man who is leading the destructive parade?

And there's more. The White House announced Friday that the HHS Mandate will now be forced on colleges and universities, not just social and religious organizations.

This means that college students---who already get abortions at the highest rate compared with women in other age categories, will be able to get free birth control pills, Plan B pills, and the ella drug that causes early-term abortion after conception..

Planned Parenthood is applauding.

Now we are learning that the Obama Administration has approved an experiment using the remains of the bodies of unborn children discarded from the abortion shops.


The FDA has approved StemCells, Inc. to conduct a clinical trial which uses brain tissue from aborted babies to treat macular degeneration.

StemCells Inc. will inject fetal brain cells into the eyes of up to 16 patients to study the cell's effect on vision.

StemCells, Inc., in their press release, was very careful in their wording and phrases when they made their announcement last month. They referred to the fetal brain material as "purified human neural stem cell product," which is the phrase they use on their web site.

Scott Fishbach, director of Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life, first discovered the project and reported it. He says the practice is not unique to StemCells, Inc. He points out that the "misleadingly-named Birth Defects Research Laboratory at the University of Washington is known within the research community as a top government distributor of fetal tissue."

It appears that Governor Gregoire, PPH, NARAL and the UW "Research Lab" have a vertically integrated business plan.

One wonders how all this is squared up with the "Do No Harm" principle that has governed the practice of medicine for millennia.

The religious left's blind faith in government not only tramples on religious freedoms, but on the sanctity of life itself.

While it is unfortunate that those who started the Temperance movement have seen their work hi-jacked, they bear some responsibility.

Prohibitionists imagined that legislation, orchestrated from Washington DC, could solve the social ills of our nation.

It cannot.

The social ills of our nation can only be solved by a spiritual, not a political solution.

Our Founders understood that and so must we.

It is imperative to the future of this nation that pastors boldly preach the gospel---how it impacts a personal life and a culture, define right and wrong in biblical terms, explain the remedy for sin and proclaim deliverance in the power of a resurrected Jesus Christ.

The "social justice" movement, led by Jim Wallis and others, under the guise of righteousness, has created an industry around poverty and now one around the use of human baby parts---government has been expanded and the value of life diminished and devalued to "purified human neural stem cell product" as an energized government stands poised to create more coercion and control, while trampling the very religious freedoms our Founding Fathers defined in framing a new nation under God.

God help us.