Tuesday, March 13, 2012

"To See Fetus Before Abortion Is Heartbreaking"

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When a Texas judge upheld a law last month requiring that women look at an ultrasound before having an abortion, the far left went into panic overdrive.

The women on Barbara Walter's "The View" were, along with others, the media banner carriers.

Joy Behar called the requirement, "totalitarian."

But it was Walters herself who defined the pro-abortion mind set as she lectured, "Then to have to go and be forced to hear, to see the fetus, to hear the heart beat, to put more guilt on you, I think is heart breaking."

Indeed it is. But it involves more than that for the human life shown on the ultrasound. For the child, it is heart "stopping."

It is easy to understand the guilt associated with taking the life of the unborn child as an act of "choice."

Or in the name of women's "preventative health care."

Behar said, "It smacks of forcing somebody to confront something that they have already decided they don't want to deal with."

Indeed it does, but denial seldom works out very well.

Think Ostrich.

There are some things we will deal with sooner or later--like it or not.

Following Roe v. Wade, having an abortion was cast as merely a procedure --like having a pre-cancerous mole removed or some other physical inconvenience treated or removed. With the advent of ultrasound pictures, a new problem arose.


Women now have to "deal" with the reality of what they are actually doing---to borrow a phrase, "an inconvenient truth."

Walters said having an abortion involves dealing with so much "fear" and "guilt."

Now "Doonesbury" is running a comic strip this week dealing with the issue. While it apparently does not mention Texas or Governor Rick Perry who championed the law, the reference is clear.

One of the assumptions that Doonesbury makes is that the required ultrasound will always involve a vaginal probe. While that gives platform to much descriptive conversation, it is not entirely true. However, that theme of "invasion" of the women's body seems to play through the entire strip.

Planned Parenthood, their "research" company Guttmacher Institute and other abortion advocates, including Doonesbury, seem to have chosen "invasion" as their battle cry as well.

About 50,000,000 aborted babies have also felt invaded.

The Seattle Times has decided, "Because we are concerned about these strips reaching the right audience, and in particular about giving parents a good option to keep them from their children if they wish, we are moving Doonesbury to Page A2 for this week."

It's nice to see that the Seattle Times has become an advocate for parental rights. Let's hope they are consistent in their advocacy in the area of sex-ed in public schools.

The Oregonian has pulled the strip for the week.

Idaho papers are mixed in their response, however the Idaho Legislature is voting on a similar law, possibly this week.

This is a snapshot of where moral deception leads. There is always fear and guilt, hesitation and often regret, involved in making decisions that stand against the eternal moral laws.

Gregoire and others expressed anxiety and stress as they moved to redefine marriage recently. People who terminate the life of an unborn child will always feel, as Walters says, "fear" and "guilt."

This kind of emotional response is fundamental to human nature. The eternal moral laws of God are freeing---not restricting. Violating God's laws always, eventually produce bondage. And fear. And guilt.

That has always been true.

It was written thousands of years ago, "Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter." Isaiah 5:20 ESV.

One can only put their head in the sand of deceit and denial so long before the winds of truth begin to move the sand and ultimately truth is revealed.

That's the problem with "relative or convenient truth." It isn't true.

Thank you for helping us work to keep the light on.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Blessed.