Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Gregoire: "Thank You, Sen. Pflug--Here's $550,000"

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Earlier this year, Republican Senator Cheryl Pflug (5th District), broke with her Party and many of the 43,178 good people who voted for her in 2008 and joined Gov. Gregoire, Sen. Ed Murray and other homosexual activists in the legislature, voting to re-define marriage.

She stood before the Senate the first of February, asking them to vote for homosexual "marriage" saying, "And so I commend this bill to you today."

The homosexual community celebrated her---both her speech and her vote.

Seattle's "The Stranger" newspaper reported her speech was "absolutely the best speech of the night."

Eli Sanders wrote in the paper, "There is almost a Biblical cadence to the way Pflug delivers her remarks."

The video of her speech is linked here.

Senator Pflug was the first of several Republicans to stand against marriage.

On her 2008 election website, she referred readers to a story in the Everett Herald as a "good article" that "defined the differences in the upcoming [2008] election." 

In the story, Richard Davis wrote, "In November Washington voters will again face the classic choice: change versus more of the same."

Gregoire was re-elected and nothing changed, the state simply became more debt ridden.

Davis wrote, "Rarely have the contrasts been so sharply defined or the consequences so great."

I agree. Dino would have done far better and Pflug should not have been reelected.

And speaking of consequences.

We were excoriated, including by some within the faith community, for speaking against Pflug when she voted for domestic partnerships.

Indeed the consequences were great.

A few days ago Sen. Pflug registered for re-election as an "Independent Republican". She will now withdraw her candidacy.

Governor Gregoire (D) leader of the pack to re-define marriage, has said "Thank you" to Ms. Pflug, and appointed her to the Washington Growth Management Hearings Board---at $93,500 per year---for 6 years.

That's a $550,000 thank you.

There will now be no need to deal with upset Republicans in the 5th District next election.

Please look me in the eye with a straight face and tell me Pflug was the most qualified person available for the job.

I wonder what kind of thank you Rep. Maureen Walsh will get? How about Litzow? There are several Republicans who stood against marriage and their Party. Will they receive an "exit" reward or will the voters be required to dis-invite them to serve during the next term.

There is an election coming, and it will have "consequences."

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Blessed.