Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Polls And Votes On Same Sex "Marriage"-- A Paradox

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In all 32 states where same-sex "marriage" has been on the ballot, voters have rejected it every time, in favor of historical, traditional, biblical marriage---one man, one woman.

Yet there are a number of polls that are finding a majority of people support so-called homosexual "marriage." The most recent poll last week---a Washington Post-ABC News poll is being vigorously reported far and wide as near absolute proof that America has changed its collective mind about marriage. The poll reports 53% feel homosexual "marriage" should be legal and 39% opposed, feeling it should be illegal.

However, 32 states, representing about 60% of the US population, have rejected homosexual "marriage" at the ballot box. Every state that has ever voted on the matter has stood for natural, biblical marriage.

What's going on?

When people vote, without exception they have rejected it. When they are polled, they tend to say they are okay with it.

I think it is a paradox with several possible explanations----one in particular.

Certainly the way the polling questions are framed have bearing on the outcome of the poll results.

Frank Schubert, a political consultant says, "polls are misleading."

He says, "The pollsters are asking if same-sex marriage should be legal or illegal, and that phrasing is problematic because it implies some sanction against same-sex couples. People," he says, "want to be sympathetic to same-sex couples, so polls that use that language aren't particularly useful."

Except, I might add, to the homosexual activists. All polls conducted for the mainstream media and homosexual rights groups are framed in this way.

It's interesting that with these kinds of numbers, 53% to 39%, California's biggest homosexual rights organization, Equality California, is not mounting any campaign to overturn Proposition 8, which by vote of the people, even in a Democratic state, overturned homosexual marriage by a vote of 52% to 48%, once again affirming that people say one thing in a poll survey and often vote another at the ballot box.

So why the paradox? Are citizens simply dishonest? I don't think so. This is a highly emotional issue. And it is a spiritual issue. And a common sense issue.

Remember Gov. Gregoire admitting publicly how conflicted she was about supporting homosexual "marriage"? Other politicians also admitted publicly they were personally conflicted over the issue but were swept along in the emotion of the moment and were then hailed as courageous by homosexual activists---in both the legislature and the press.

I personally believe a small minority of homosexual activists have, with the assistance of an activist press, a complicit public education and a supportive entertainment industry, created a peer pressure in the greater culture. A small minority has created a peer pressure that drives public discourse, but not necessarily personal beliefs. And not secret ballots.

People inherently want to be accepted, seen as "good" people, open minded and fair. They know that if they stand for marriage, they will be tagged as politically incorrect, unfair, bigoted and out of touch. Haters.

When I called out columnist Ken Schram a few weeks ago about his trying to tell his Catholic church they should not provide petitions for R-74 in their churches and was subsequently on his KOMO radio show as a guest, he told me it "created peer pressure" to, in that church environment, sign the petition, so "people would not think poorly of you."

In a greater cultural sense, activists, media and public education has created a reverse environment in our present culture. People, especially kids, are pressured to verbally support redefining marriage as a civil right or be ridiculed and even shunned for their "old fashioned," "flat earth" beliefs.

Most, not all, but most people either see the value of natural, historical, biblical marriage and believe in it or are deeply conflicted when pressured to redefine it.

People know in their heart homosexual "marriage" is not marriage.

They know men are not "wives" and women are not "husbands".

They know it is not natural---or normal. They know more than 5000 years of human history proves it is the only successful model for any society and it is the only sustainable family model for the human race.

These are realities to which we must not turn a blind eye or deaf ear as we move into the public discourse leading to the November election and a vote on marriage.

May God give us wisdom, discernment, pure motives and courage in the months ahead. Much hangs in the balance.

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