Friday, June 15, 2012

KOMO News : 5 Reasons Why Gay Marriage Has A Shot In WA

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KOMO news carried an Associated Press article that makes the case that Washington state may end the winning streak of defending marriage against those who seek to redefine it.

They give 5 reasons why same-sex marriage advocates may win in Washington state.

After reviewing the loss of R-71, one of the 5 points makes the case based on the support of elected officials---particularly Republicans.

The article says,
"Lawmakers comfortably approved gay marriage earlier this year as political leaders such as Gov. Chris Gregoire talked about how their views on the issue had changed. However gay marriage opponents are not conceding anything yet. National groups have promised time and money to fight Washington's new same-sex marriage law via the referendum, including the Washington, D.C.-based National Organization for Marriage, which was involved in ballot measures that overturned same-sex marriage in California and Maine.

REPUBLICANS: Six Republican lawmakers in Washington voted in favor of the gay marriage legislation, and a leading GOP candidate for attorney general also declared his support. Republican Rep. Maureen Walsh, who represents conservative territory in eastern Washington anchored by Walla Walla, said she believes opinions on the issue are changing even there. 'My district is far more receptive to it than they've ever been in the past,' she said."
This story pretty well defines the narrative that we will hear over the next few months as those seeking to redefine marriage have their "conversations."

I have linked the story above. I strongly recommend you read it.

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