Monday, July 23, 2012

A Fork In The "Values" Road

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Yogi Berra, the New York Yankees' great once said, "If you come to a fork in the road, take it."

We're at a fork in the "values" road and some Christian leaders are trying to get you to "take it."

I am receiving emails from some Christian leaders with links to a "Vote Your Values" video and lists of politicians whom they are endorsing and asking Christians to vote for.

The "Vote Your Values" video is good. I have linked it above. However, their lists begs the question, "How do you vote your values and vote Rob McKenna for governor as they are asking good people of faith to do?

Does he hold your values on abortion and the sanctity of life? He does not. What about conscience---think Stormans. His team has dragged the Stormans family through over $500,000 worth of litigation because, for reasons of conscience, they would not sell abortion pills in their pharmacy in Olympia.

The one signature issue of Mr. McKenna's was his opposition to Obamacare, now he has told the Seattle press he does not support its repeal.

Does he really stand with us on marriage? Those deposed by his team for the R-71 name disclosure issue saw a brutal assault and fishing expedition under the guise of "discovery."

As we stand at the fork in the values road, we're told to "take it," which in this case means believe what you believe, but take a turn to the social left with your vote.

The explanation goes like this, you've already heard it: "Well, if we don't elect McKenna, then Inslee will be elected, and he's a lot worse than McKenna."

That's called "Voting Your Values"?

Couldn't we just call it voting our preference, or voting for my guy because I have an understanding with him--- and maybe not try to mislead Christians who sincerely want to vote their values?

Are we misusing the term "Values" when it is simply a preference vote?

Rob McKenna cannot be elected without a significant number of Christians voting for him.

How about this? Why not actually vote your values in this primary?

Shahram Hadian has been ignored by the Republican Party, undermined by some "Christian" leaders and stiffed by the press, most of whom have endorsed McKenna. They all are saying he can't win.

I have personally checked him out. I believe he is one of us in his values and given the chance, can lead.

Why not give him your vote in the primary? See what happens.

If he doesn't make the top two, then follow those who insist that McKenna represents your values or simply don't vote on that office.

Keep in mind, the emperor has no clothes and when you come to a fork in the road you can't "take it," however each of us are responsible for the stewardship of our vote.

May God help us with clarity of mind and heart.