Monday, July 30, 2012

A Reminder From Sen Cheryl Pflug

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You may have seen the ads. They ran on a number of stations around the state of Washington this past Friday night during the Opening Ceremonies of the 2012 Olympics.

The ad?

It is Republican Senator Cheryl Pflug from conservative leaning Maple Valley and the 5th Legislative District, educating the state on the virtues of redefining marriage.

Brad Shannon, in an exclusive article for the News Tribune and the Olympian reminded us that Ms. Pflug, "Provided one of the key votes that passed a gay-marriage law in the Legislature this year."

Indeed she did.

She also betrayed her constituents by pretending to support the Republican Party positions on social issues---specifically marriage, in that she knew she was going to support redefining marriage as early as 2007.

Following the betrayal of her Party and her constituents, she was rewarded by Gov. Gregoire with a 5-year appointment to a growth management hearings board and a 6-figure salary, thus avoiding the need to face the voters in her district with her mask off.

She further withdrew her candidacy following the appointment, in such an untimely way as to not allow Kirby Wilbur and his Party to recruit strong candidates.

For this, the far left hails her as a woman of courage and values. And she carries their banner in an ad that sponsors promise will air extensively through out the state.

Self serving deception. Hypocrisy.

A reminder.

There are many candidates out there asking for your vote---promising or implying exactly what they know you need to hear. Some even running for the highest state offices.

Due to my personal injuries a week ago, we will likely not get a recommended list of candidates out for the primary, but will certainly have a list for the general election.

Cross check each candidate in your district. There are a number of lists out there, however, remember a pastor on the East Side recommended Republican Steve Litzow last election. Litzow, from Mercer Island, doesn't even pretend to hold our values, yet he was elected. While the pastor later withdrew his support, the word was out there.

Be discerning. Be aware of who is actually supporting these candidates as well as what they say they stand for. If they say they are Christian or have a faith orientation, find out what church they attend, that can often tell you a great deal about the person. Ask their pastor or people who attend the church about them.

Cheryl Pflug is a reminder and a living testament to the need to---

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.