Monday, August 20, 2012

Marriage: A House Divided

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Thank you for the many positive comments and messages I received last week while taking a break. And speaking of breaks, my fractured bones are healing quickly, like any 30-something-year-old body should do.

Your kind words mean a great deal to me personally and are profoundly lifting and inspiring. Your support allows us to continue to do what we do. Thank you.

However, there continues to be too many, in fact a growing number of good people who are privately advocating we not support the R-74 effort and its leadership, for a variety of reasons---some of which are true, but not reason to abandon marriage at this critical moment in time.

Remember, this is not a referendum on those who have wrested leadership away from some who were more qualified, more generally accepted and with more pure motives, it is a referendum on traditional, biblical marriage that has been the norm for every civilization in history.

It is tough to stand for marriage in today's culture.

The religious left is quick to label you as a hater, denying love to those who need it, while the secular left often labels you as an out of touch bigot if you stand publicly for marriage.

Dan Cathy and Chick-fil-A. And a list of others. Some local. Most recently, Seattle Archbishop Sartain.

The house is divided.

The most recent PEW Survey on marriage revealed that Democrats favor redefining marriage 65% to 29%. They will confirm homosexual "marriage" as part of their Party platform in their upcoming convention. They will also advocate that DOMA be repealed.

We will see how strongly the Republican Party takes its stand in support of marriage next week.

PEW found that there are deep religious divisions over the issue---73% of white evangelicals support traditional marriage, as do 51% of all Blacks, with 54% of Black Protestants supporting traditional marriage. PEW found a majority of White non-Hispanic Catholics favor redefining marriage as do 50% of mainline White Protestants. There's more, you can review the survey.

The trend, according to PEW, has been toward acceptance, but the house is deeply divided.

When the evangelical and conservative Catholic community is further divided, it should present grave concern for those of us who stand for marriage.

I am aware that many of you worked on both R-74 and I-1192, finding that the R-74 leadership consistently undermined I-1192 across the state. We gathered a significant number of all the signatures gathered for I-1192.

Likewise, we gathered a significant amount of the record setting number of signatures for R-74. I personally believed both the Initiative and the Referendum were important in the defense of marriage.

I'm hearing that many who worked endlessly on both were thanked for their work on I-1192, while hearing not a word from the R-74 leadership. That was my personal experience. I understand.

Too many are telling me R-74 is driven by personal ambition and opportunism by its leadership. Based on what I have personally been told, that is probably true.

So, stand back, don't support it---let it happen---whatever will be will be. Right?

Wrong. How about this? Let's get over it. Let it go. Many of you have refused to be silenced by the noise of the homosexual activists and the press. Are you now going to allow the subtleties of Satan to silence you?

If I have any influence, and I believe I do with some, let me suggest this response:
  • Be sure to vote "reject" on R-74 on the November ballot. Voting, I believe, is a matter of spiritual stewardship.
  • Encourage others to vote "reject" on R-74. Speak to friends, family and groups in your local community. Stand strong. Be bold. Be wise. Be discerning.
  • Pray that God will intervene in all the matters related to this issue. He has a way of making the crooked way straight. Pray that He will honor and bless the stand for marriage and the effort of all who helped it succeed.
  • Forget about credit or appreciation. Just let that part of it play out. Do everything as unto the Lord. Don't react to criticism, elitism, misguided motives or your disappointment in individuals. Marriage is worth that discipline.


Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.