Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Classroom Assault: Rosary Seized--Brokeback Mountain Taught

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Manuel Vigil, a devout Catholic and high school senior, has had his rosary seized by the administration of his high school.

The school administration says he can't wear it because it might appear to be a gang symbol.

KDVR FOX 31 in Denver reported that "his school district thinks the religious necklace will harm students."

A spokesman for the school district says, "That's typically not what we want in a safe environment for school."

Safe environment? Safe for whom? If you have kids in school, please take a moment and read the story.

Public education is not a safe place for kids of biblical faith. Their faith is often under assault by activist secular progressive teachers and administrators.

Clearly there are some wonderful teachers, some people of biblical faith, who are within the system, but the public education industry has been hijacked by the activists for secular progressive philosophy.

High school English teacher Kristen Wimsatt has chosen to use "Brokeback Mountain", a film about 2 cowboys in a homosexual relationship as a study model for adaptation of a novel (text) to a film.

In her response to questions from parents she says, "The sexual element, while provocative,is tasteful."

Homosexual relations between 2 cowboys in a tent is tasteful?

She continues: "I have often contended that when students consume films in a safe and structured classroom environment, they have an opportunity to process the content in a thoughtful way."


An Illinois Family organization is challenging the teacher and the district. They are asking the same questions you would ask or should ask if confronted with the same assault on your child.

Again, if you have children in public school, please read the story I have linked.

Christian parents must be informed. There is a battle for the mind of our children.

Be Vigilant. Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.