Wednesday, September 12, 2012

"Education Justice": A New Progressive Truth

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New "truth" continues to be created on the streets of Chicago as classrooms are emptied, with 26,000 teachers on the street; striking, shouting, marching and declaring their actions to be "Educational Justice."

400,000 students have been disgorged into the streets in this demonstration of "justice." And parents inconvenienced, to say the least.

"Justice" for what? The kids?

Well, not exactly.

Maybe indirectly.

There is also an inescapable irony in this story. The man who championed President Obama's far left secular progressive assault on conservatism has become the target of the secular far left progressive's wrath.

And it's not surprising that a Gallup Poll, taken within the past few weeks, found that Americans are giving public education a failing grade.

So what do the 26,000 Chicago teachers and their union want?

They say there are 3 key elements to their civil unrest.

1. Health benefits.

2. The teacher evaluation system.

3. Job security.

That would be nice. Especially the security part.

The school district, third largest public school district in the US, behind the leadership of Mayor Rahm Emanuel, has made 20 different proposals and are now saying, "This is about as much as we can do. There's only so much money."

Don't we wish his boss, when he was Chief of Staff at the White House, would have recognized the part about "no more money" several trillion dollars ago?

Mayor Rahm is furious and is calling it a "strike of choice." His own have turned on him. How ironic.

He's opposing "choice"?

Isn't "choice" a core secular progressive tenant of faith?

Rahm is telling the people that the Chicago Public Schools face a $3 billion shortfall over the next 36 months.

The average teacher's salary, including first year teachers, is $70,000-$75,000--before counting benefits..

The 2007 to 2012 teacher's contract included wage increases ranging from 19% to 46% depending on length of employment, etc.

No wonder Americans, in a Gallup Poll taken within the past few weeks and released on August 29 said, "Public schools are the worst place to educate children."

The reason, in my opinion, is because they have become laboratories of social experimentation rather than centers of education.

Indoctrination rather than education.

Rahm is saying "cut back," the crowds are shouting, "No, we'll fight back."

Chicago, in many ways could be a snapshot of the consequences of far left progressivism. While it has a cultural history of questionable characters, it appears to be forging a new low.

The city has been wracked by violence this past summer, many are wondering what's next with 400,000 kids running the streets, while their teachers establish "Educational Justice."

In fact police chief, Garry McCarthy, is wondering out loud. He is very concerned and has now assigned desk personnel to street policing.

Union delegate Jay Rehak summed it all up in one statement to the Chicago Tribune.

He defined "Educational Justice" saying that in the end, "I'll be bloodied and you'll be bloodied, but at least you'll know not to bully me again."

New "Truth": Teachers making $1500 and up per week are being "bullied" because a city is $3 billion in the red in education and the check will bounce.

Core Value: Forget the 400,000 kids that are roaming the streets. Also forget the parents who reasonably thought their kids would be in the classroom come September 12.

It's about me. Not you.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Diligent. Be Active. Be Blessed.