Thursday, October 18, 2012

Faith And Freedom Voter Recommendations

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We have created a list of candidates we recommend you vote for.

But first a couple of things about the blog yesterday regarding Ken Schram's support for the "Mix It Up At Lunch Day" scheduled for October 30 in over 2500 schools.
"Teaching Tolerance," the sponsoring organization, a part of The Southern Poverty Law Center, has posted a national "Model School" list. Two Washington schools are listed as "Model" schools. They are Chimacum Middle School, Chimacum, WA and Mountlake Terrace High School.

"Teaching Tolerance" initially posted a list of about 2500 participating schools, however the list has been removed as of yesterday. I spoke with Bryan Fischer at AFA about it and he told me they had indeed removed the list and AFA is looking for it. If we find it, we will publish it. They do have a participation map still up on their web site. You will see there are a number of schools participating in the Puget Sound area and apparently in the Spokane area. Be sure to check with your school.

So, who to vote for.

The Washington Secretary of State's office announced yesterday that their "Voter Pamphlets" would "be in the mail in the next few days."

We have created a list of candidates whom we feel hold to and will support our most important moral and social issues relating to life, marriage and family. Secondly, we looked at whether their fiscal policies seem to match up generally with Christian conservative values.

You will note that for 2 statewide offices, we were unable to recommend either candidate.

You also can download a pdf of these recommendations. Please feel free to reproduce it or forward it.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Informed. Vote. Be Blessed.