Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Little Man--Big Man

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As the debate began last night, I found myself wondering why Romney didn't nail the President about Libya. The President has misled the American public about this and a number of other issues.

As the debate continued, I began to see a striking difference between two men and two very different ideas about our country.

One was a little man, the other was a big man.

Mitt Romney was painting a big picture, President Obama was chalk drawing on a sidewalk.

Romney's responses were big, sweeping in scope--more fluent.

By about 6:45 p.m. or so, moderator Bob Schieffer started to direct questions at Romney that were specific to Romney, asking how he would pay for increased defense spending, then interrupting him before he could complete his answer, giving Obama an opportunity to attack Romney.

This is the same behavior we saw with moderator Candy Crowley in the second debate, except Schieffer is more subtle.

Romney looked presidential. Obama looked desperate.

Obama was condescending. He threw stones. Romney walked away from the little, petty stuff.

The lyrics of a song from the 1990's came to mind. Not a song I liked or an artist I liked, but some of the lyrics seemed to describe the moment.

Little Man-Big Man:

Little man, big man who came first?
What is the measure of our worth?
If there was a storm rolled in
Who'd run inside? Who'd go walking?
Little man, big man what's inside?
It's all in the places where we find our pride
If there was a soul lost by the road
Who'd pass by? Who'd take it home?
Little man big man who is who?
If there was a rock and a window pane
Who'd throw stones? Who'd walk away?

Be Vigilant. Be discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.