Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Creating a Less Perfect Union

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I failed to include this paragraph and link earlier in Today's Blog.

I have drawn from an excellent written by Bruce Thornton titled, "Explaining the Democrat's Success." I encourage you to read the entire article.

I apologize for this oversight. We are very careful to link all stories and articles used in our daily blog. Only a few days out of the hospital, the error was mine, not that of our office.

Gary Randall

By now we've heard all the reasons why the Republicans lost the election: the woman vote or the Hispanic vote -- or the social issues. "Republicans should not address social issues," some wise Republicans have said. In fact,Harry Reid told the press this week that, "Americans don't care about gay marriage or abortion." That didn't seem to make much of a difference for Rob McKenna, Reagan Dunn and others who tried to be Republican while denying the written platform of the Republican Party.

Why did Republicans lose?

Look to Greece---not present day bankrupt Greece, ancient Greece, who once led the world in many ways.

Obviously some of the mechanisms of ancient Greece are different than those of present day America, but one is strikingly the same.

It is the growing movement toward dependence. Dependence on government.

Our Founding Fathers told us they had given us a Republic that would practice democracy, but warned it would be up to us to take care of it and sustain it, otherwise it would fail.

Democracy, unguarded and unattended, usually leads to radical egalitarianism.

Democracy is fragile. Our Founders knew it and so did Aristotle.

Aristotle explained it this way: "That those who are equal in any respect are equal in all respects; because men are equally free, they claim to be absolutely equal."

Clearly we are all created equal and are equally loved and accepted by our Creator God. However, a glance around shows we are not all equal in brains, beauty, hard work, good fortune and to the Christian, blessing.

Our equality is in the opportunity, not the outcome.

America's promise is in opportunity, not outcome.

A democracy is fertile ground for those who embrace an egalitarian, secular progressive philosophy such as President Obama. They cleverly begin to use the machinery of government to create "equality" in every way.

They use the coercive power of the government to level those differences through appropriations and redistribution of wealth through government agencies.

We can count the hundreds of ways this is carried out, from free condoms, to free birth control pills to a thousand other so-called "rights and equalities" in business, job opportunities with predetermined outcomes in education and investments---how long is the list?

The right to equality of opportunity then becomes the right to equality of outcome.

Always at the expense of Freedom. And always creating a dependent society.

And speaking of a dependent society---

During the 4th Century Athenian society, citizens had become accustomed to weekly, not annual, pay raises. Citizens were paid to serve on juries, attend committee meetings, politician's pay and benefits were out of site, citizens were paid to go to the theater and to participate in religious festivals---government sanctioned religious festivals.

When the threat of Phillip II's aggression against Athens became clear, it was dangerous for a politician to even ask that some of the money in the benefit funds be transferred to the military fund. Those who did often lost their job.

By the time Athenians realized the immediate danger of Phillip's power, it was too late.

Our high school history books tell us the Athenians lost the battle of Chaeronea in 338 BC.

And with it they lost there freedom and autonomy. Never to recover.

Tyrants build political careers and personal power by "spreading the wealth" under the guise of helping the less fortunate. They pride themselves as advancing "social justice", while destroying a nation and individual creativity. Creating an illusion of equality, while advancing class warfare.

Secular progressives linked to socialistic beliefs, play on the worst human fears to advance their destructive agenda.

People are always concerned about their own personal welfare, not having enough money and the fear of personal responsibility.

The statistic machine promises the psychological comfort of not having to bear the burdens of personal responsibility, while redistribution of wealth provides monetary assurance.

Government to People: "Lean on me."

The politicians who make these promises tend to win, those who do not, tend to lose. And in the process create a dependent nation. A pathway to destruction.

Barrack Obama has turned the notions of JFK on their ear. Is anyone really asking "What they can do for their country?"

They are asking, "What can I get from this country?"

A growing number of people have come to believe that the government is their primary source.

And who provides this? Those who have succeeded. Class warfare in its lowest form.

Success is penalized. Failure is rewarded.

We are quickly becoming a dependent nation. Those politicians who promise the most, get the most votes.

We are creating a less perfect union.

The latest numbers are showing 1 in 5 Americans are on Medicaid. Record numbers are on unemployment. The list goes on and on and on.

This trend can not be reversed by running a "better" Republican, or even running one that appears to not be a Republican.

There is no political strategy that can reverse this trend.

The only hope for national restoration is a spiritual transformation.

I sincerely believe this president, now serving in an unrestrained second term, will accelerate our nation down this path in unprecedented ways.

But it is not hopeless.

I personally believe his path will be so dramatic, that many who have been apathetic, will awaken. Others will rededicate themselves to becoming involved in more meaningful ways.

I am personally rededicating myself to this cause. I personally believe these next few years will mark unprecedented testimonies of God's intervention in a nation. Perhaps these testimonies will, in some ways, be of biblical proportion.

Do not grow weary in well doing. I have a strong sense that God is not finished with this nation as a beacon of hope and opportunity and blessing to a dark world. A fountain head of spreading the gospel message around the world.

While the days ahead will likely be dark and difficult, morning will break. And joy will return.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active . Be Blessed.