Thursday, January 03, 2013

5% Think Congress Is Doing A Good Or Great Job

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While these folks were hired (elected) by us to represent our best interests in a government that is supposed to be for, of and by the people, why do we continue to go along with their pattern of saying one thing at home and doing another in D.C.?

Even though only 5 in 100 of us think they are doing a good job, we most often lack the will or courage to fire them. And elect someone else.

The most recent failure to do what most Republican candidates promised the little people back home they would do is the so-called "fiscal cliff" deal which "saved" America the other night.

Did you know that 85 Republicans joined 172 Democrats to pass the measure? And did you know that the US Senate received the 154-page document only 3 minutes before they voted to approve it?

Judson Phillips of the Tea Party Nation is outraged. He said, "The Republican Party has now cast itself as the Official Tax Collector for the Great Obamacare State."

He is not the only one expressing concern about the number of Republicans who followed Speaker Boehner off a cliff of another kind in approving the measure. A measure that raises taxes on many small business owners, while providing no guaranteed spending cuts.

Rep. Mick Mulvgney (R-S.C. ) said yesterday this measure was the latest demonstration of Capitol Hill vote buying. He pointed out that it had special tax credits for green energy, Hollywood, distilleries and the rum industry in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

However, Rep. Jim Jordan, chairman of the Republican Study Committee, gave the most reasoned explanation of why true conservatives reject the measure and why he voted against it saying, "Unfortunately, it also allows taxes to increase for many families and small businesses."

Jordan also called the bill (H.R.8), "Worse than doing nothing."

He said, "On spending, which is the real problem, this classic Washington deal is worse than doing nothing. We'll never get the budget balanced by delaying the few spending cuts that were agreed to in the summer of 2011."

The RSC released a list of a dozen reasons why conservatives reject the fiscal cliff deal:

1. Affirmatively Provides for Tax Increases

2. Delays Spending Cuts from the Budget Control Act

3. Death Tax

4. Extends Unemployment Benefits

5. Extends Stimulus Provisions

6. Tax Inequality

7. Class Warfare

8. Marriage Penalty

9. Disproportionately Impacts Small Businesses

10. Extends Farm Bill

11. Threatens Economic Growth and Jobs

12. Commission on Long Term Care

The analysis of the bill and these 12 points is linked above.

While I do not agree with them, I can understand why 50% of Americans now feel our best days are behind us.

We need a spiritual renewal.

And leadership that reflects those values.

God help us.

I believe He will.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Informed. Be Blessed.